A Guide To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants

You might have noticed a clump of carpenter ants that stubbornly cling to the furniture, regardless of your countless attempts to drive them away. Let’s understand them better, so you can effectively get to the root of this problem.

Carpenter ants build colonies in dead and damp wood. They do not consume wood as opposed to regular termites. Instead, carpenter ants are usually known to hollow out the wood by chewing tunnels and nests from the inside. It renders your piece of furniture into a dysfunctional object. 

For example, carpenter ants terrorizing a wooden chair will thin it out to the point where it may collapse if anyone tries to sit on it. Therefore, taking care of problems before they result in physical harm and cause you to lose expensive furnishings becomes a priority.

4 Facts You Got To Know About Carpenter Ants

Signs Of Carpenter Ants

Random piles of wood shavings appearing on the floor is one of the first signs of Carpenter Ants. However, it would help if you also keep your ears out for any crunching noise. Another sign of your house being a host for carpenter ants is a common trail used by the colony of ants.

Place Of Access

The key entrance points for carpenter ants are doors, pipes, utility wires and windows. A shrub or an overgrown tree acts as a rather convenient medium for them to infest your home. Since their colonies extend over 100,000 active participants, carpenter ants put the structural integrity of your house in real danger.

When To Expect

Carpenter ants show up during spring. It is best to keep an eye out for them and not just limit yourself to the bounds of your home. Outside, you can keep a check on old tree stumps, rotting firewood, landscape timbers, and fence posts. Ensure that all the sweets, meat, eggs and grease are secured in the refrigerator to block them from luring inside.

Ways To Free Your Space From Carpenter Ants

DIY Methods

Identifying the nest of the carpenter ants is the first step to solving this problem. Follow the trail to see where it is that they disappear. It could lead you outdoors, too. If it is hard to track down the nest, place a sugary bait to draw them out. Your best bet is to do this at night, as carpenter ants are nocturnal. Please make use of insecticides and desiccants to get further rid of them.

Call In The Pros

It can be futile despite your attempts to eliminate this issue with the carpenter ants. The nests run deep into the structure of your home. Let a professional takeover without any further delay. With the expertise and appropriate equipment, your space will be free of carpenter ants in no time, keeping in mind the security of your home.

Bottom Line

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