Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control Services: Some pests are common in a commercial building, offices, and warehouses, such as Ants, Mice, Rats, Cockroaches, Birds etc., a most common thing to attract them where food is prepared and stored, such as Restaurant and warehouses. Hospital is also affected with pest problem such as Ants & Mice Hospital industry and food industry are the once that are often worst hit by these pests. Not cleaning up food remains property, leaving dirty dishes in the sink for too long as well as poor food storage all cause to pest infestation in these premises.

German Cockroaches love to live in dark and humid places. It is really hard to get off. The can live 42 days without food. Cockroaches are mostly active at night, you can find them inside the cupboards and on the wall. Presence of Rodents may be confirmed by inspections for Dropping, gnawed food or wood and finding greasy rub marks on walls, you can see on Rat or Mice in or around the structure or heard sound in the attic.

There is no level of tolerance for Rat & Mice in Offices, Warehouses, Hospital because of their high reproductive rate and spreading of disease. It is important to control as soon as the first signs are found. Bed Bugs love to stay where people sleep or sit. For successfully control in the commercial premise of these pests. It is highly advisable that you contact commercial pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control

We offer monthly and bi-weekly commercial pest control services for Restaurant, Food plants and warehouse. Our technicians are also certified with HACCP. All our services come with a warranty, the length depends on the type of pest and treatments provided. We are provincially licensed, bonded and insured. The business owners can take advantage of our free site survey prior to implementing a full on-site treatment.

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