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The Next 3 Things You Should Do For Rat and Mice Control Success

Doing It Yourself (DIY) will never be great for rat and mice control services in Surrey. They lack effectiveness in the ideal condition and, in most cases, don’t counter the exact problem. Besides, their expanded population prepares them for an onslaught in your house.

The big clean up begins with professionals, i.e., TOP LINE PEST CONTROL. You might think the DIY method could save you money. However, in the long run, you might end up spending more on different baits & treatments. Other than this, rats and mice carry pathogens, which causes disease and may put your health in a precarious state. You, along with your family, will likely become ill. Eradication requires a bit of planning and strategic effort, and this is precisely where expert oriented solutions for rat and mice control become highly valuable. The trained professionals carefully evaluate your problem and ensure a suitable prevention plan.

After the rat control service in Surrey, what should be your next move?

(a) Figure Out How Rat and Mice Entered Your Home. In short, you need to figure out what led to the invasion of rats and mice in the first place. Rats and mice have a flexible body and can squeeze through tiny holes. So, we’d recommend you to seal up all the possible entry points. Even pay attention to any unpleasant smell from the kitchen, dustbin, or dishwasher, which is enough to get their nose twitching. The rules of thumb one should follow to prevent entrance of rats and mice in your home are – seal it, keep it tidy, keep it dry, maintain proper clearance, and rodent-proof your home.

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(b) Outdoor Recommendations. Your next step should be taking a proactive approach in keeping these pests under control. Give well-thought consideration to debris and IVY, which provides shelter to rats, and they usually form a ladder to window or attics. Additionally, maintain a 2-foot space between bushes, fences, shrubs, and leaves, and also keep compost-pile away from the structure.

(c) Indoor Recommendations. Rats and mice prefer to live close to humans and tend to move indoors for food and warmer areas. They have an acute sense of smell, touch, and taste, generally a good climber, swimmer, and jumper. For indoor prevention, we would recommend encasing all food items, clearing up garbage bins and compost containers, rinse food & beverage cleaner, clean your garbage and recycling, repair leaky pipes, keep your stove clean and free of food scraps.

If you have confirmation on rat and mice infestations in your home, you’ll need a combination of preventive measures. For viable mice and rat control service in Surrey, visit us at www.toplinepestcontrol.ca.