5 Ways to Eliminate Cockroaches in Your Home

Cockroaches are the primary carriers of deadly diseases that annoy and bring a wide range of illnesses into the home. Some cockroach species can have dozens of offspring per mother per month, which means if you bring in a few breeding females, you could have hundreds of roaches in a matter of months. Cockroaches bring infections from open sewers, rubbish dumps, and rotten food when they enter your home. Cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery, plague, salmonella, and even leprosy are all recognized or suspected diseases spread by roaches.

Tips to eliminate cockroaches

Cockroaches are not only unsightly in the home, but they also carry diseases that can make you and your family sick. Are you looking for cockroach control services? If you answered yes, this is the ideal option because it will protect you from a wide range of diseases. 

The following are some helpful cockroach-elimination tips:

  • Clean your home 

Cleaning the house has numerous advantages, one of which is getting rid of cockroaches. First and foremost, begin cleaning the kitchen because food items attract cockroaches. After dining:

  • Wash your utensils and remove your food as soon as possible.
  • Clear up crumbs and spills as quickly as possible.
  • Keep the space clean in general.
  • Boric acid 

Boric acid is one of the most effective home cures for cockroaches, and it works quickly. It adheres to the legs and wings of cockroaches when they come into touch with it. The powder affects the roaches’ neurological and digestive systems when they swallow it. Boric acid and diatomaceous earth are the unsung heroes of killing cockroaches at home. Boric acid acts as a stomach poison, while diatomaceous earth pierces the cockroach’s outer skeleton.

  • Fill in holes and cracks.

To keep cockroaches out of your house, use a caulking gun and caulk to seal holes or gaps. Caulk is a flexible material that can endure minor imperfections, is quickly installed, and prevents cockroaches from entering. If there is any gap or crack on the wall or floor of the house, it is the safest place for cockroaches, no matter how often you clean it.

  • Take out the garbage regularly.

Cockroaches prefer to live in the dustbin, where they may feed on decaying things. Instead of an open dustbin, use one with a lid. Also, instead of throwing food in the trash, keep it in separate sealed containers and dispose of it soon; when they eat the garbage, they are likely to contact viruses, which can spread disease throughout the house; once they get out.

  • Hire professional pest control services

If you are tired of taking various measures and still cockroaches have taken over your home, you should seek professional pest control services. Are you looking for commercial cockroach control? Top Line Pest Control covers Langley, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, and Surrey in British Columbia with their remarkable pest control services. 
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