How to Get Rid of Pavement Ants in Your Residence

Pavement ants can be a common sight in your yard, but finding them indoors can be highly distressing. It’s always a shock when you see the kitchen or the entire house infested with ants. Only a few can invade your kitchen, and getting rid of them is difficult. Whether they’re creeping toward your kitchen counter or making their way into your basement or crawl space, you can quickly get rid of them if you know what draws pavement ants to your residence?

What draws pavement ants to your residence?

Pavement ants are drawn to areas with high humidity and heat. However, worker pavement ants are generally dormant during the winter because of the freezing weather. They are more noticeable during the summer and prefer to stay in the warm, humid areas of the house. Pavement ants can utilise branches to access your home because they like to build their nest in a wood pile.

Pavement ants primarily search for food sources, and they roam throughout the house and kitchen. When an ant outbreak occurs unexpectedly, it is almost often because there is food in your kitchen that attracts them. Most pavement ants are opportunistic eaters, meaning they will eat nearly anything but prefer sweets. They draw to various food sources that you may have and come to your house looking for them.

Tips for Getting Rid of Pavement Ants in Your Residence

Pavement ants are harmless and common household ants. However, a massive infestation of pavement ants can be an annoyance, and they can potentially transmit diseases into the home. Getting rid of them isn’t difficult because you know what draws pavement ants to your home. We have listed some tips below to help you get rid of them.

Check high-humidity areas

A pavement ant’s thirst can be satisfied for an extended period by even a tiny pool of water. The colony will want to be closer to your kitchen if the water source is sufficient. Make sure you get rid of all the water as quickly as possible. Check high-humidity areas like sinks, refrigerators, windows, and doors regularly.

Keep your home clean

If there is no food for them to consume, ants will leave your home. In the case of pavement ants, they can be eliminated by removing food from floors, countertops, and waste collecting areas. Cleaning all surfaces in the house is the most effective method to keep pavement ants away.

Spraying with insecticide

An approved insecticide spray can successfully eliminate the pavement ant if the population is traced. However, it only kills the visible and moving workers around the house. Ants living in the colony can be fussy about moving out of their nest to search for food.
Ants come in various species and can be found in and around homes and buildings, each with its own set of characteristics that can affect how they are controlled. Top Line Pest Control is eager to assist people in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia who are concerned about pests and are looking for dependable pest control services.