Silverfish Pest Control

Silverfish are insects that are commonly found in many houses. These are the same insects behind your books, food items or clothes. They silently destroy items without being noticed. While many homeowners will not identify these creepy crawlies at the start. By the time they notice, the damage is already done. However, you can still stop the damage or reduce it by doing Silverfish Pest Control. There are many ways to do silverfish pest control; keep reading further to know more.

Silverfish Pest Control Using Natural Remedies

Silverfish is not an insect that affects humans in a harmful way. Though, it is always a safe idea to take precautions against this insect entering your home. The following ways to eliminate silverfish or control them are effective and tested. You can use the way that is more easy and effective for you.

  • Home-Based Silverfish Traps

This is the most affordable way. One can make silverfish traps by using starchy foods. Starchy food includes any flour, cereal (dried), etc. You can put any starch in a container, jar or bottle. Wrap tape around the container or jar, and you will see the starfish coming to this trap very soon. Also, these home-based silverfish traps are very safe around kids, pets, etc.

  • Using Newspaper

Silverfish likes to build a home inside a newspaper. To trap them, take an old newspaper, wet it and roll it. Then you can place this newspaper in any area of your home. Soon, you will see a large number of silverfish in this newspaper.

  • Cedar Oil

Cedar oil works wonders to pest control silverfish. One can mix a few drops of cedar oil with warm water in a spray bottle for convenient usage. You can also add cedar oil to a diffuser to use that more effectively. This will work effectively to pest control the silverfish.

  • Bay Leaves (Dried)

Another very affordable way to eliminate silverfish from home is using a dried bay leave. Bay leaves have oil which attracts silverfish. Dry some bay leaves and put them anywhere in your house, and you will soon have a group of silverfish gather there.

Silverfish Pest Control Using Chemical Methods

One can do silverfish pest control using chemicals, too. These are the proven methods that eliminate the silverfish from various areas of your house. Chemicals containing synergised pyrethrin, bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, tetramethrin, and phenothrin are very useful in pest control. 

Using chemical methods, whether in the form of spray, gel, etc, might cause harm to the kids, pets or any food. Hence, while using chemicals for pest control, one must be very careful and attentive to avoid further damage. 

Hiring Pest Control Professionals

Pest control professionals are experts in eliminating insects from your home. They know exactly where to look, what to do and how to protect your loved ones from the side effects. They will survey your home to inspect the condition, plan a customized method and execute their chemicals and method to do the silverfish pest control in your home.