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Bed bugs, small pesky blood-sucking insects, are typically found in beds, small cracks & crevices and causes more harm to your little ones. Since bed bugs survive on the blood of a human, it becomes imperative to prioritize its prevention.

What Parents Must Know About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs feed on body parts that are exposed during sleep, such as hands, feet, neck. Those bites induce mosquito-like itching for a few days. Hence, if your life is blessed with a newly born child, you must take every possible measure on the prevention and detection of these pesky pests.

Infestations usually occur in a place where people sleep. These places could be your sofa, bedroom, living areas, hotels, mattress, carpets, dressing table, and even dorm houses.

The Problem with DIY Bed Bug Extermination.

Even if you notice the signs of bed bugs, they are not easy to exterminate because their flat design makes them good at hiding. That’s why most of the experts recommend calling a pest control professional in Coquitlam and Surrey for impeccable extermination.

The risk of exterminating bed bugs on your own is health hazardous and proven to be more dangerous. Some of the parents even utilize pesticides for the DIY approach. However, researchers have stated that misapplied pesticides are more devastating than curing, where excessive application sadly results in accidental death.

In an infant or toddler, their immune system is still at the developing stage and can’t cope up with aggressive chemicals smells & odour. Thus, excessive use of pesticides is harmful to babies and children for the reasons that it causes nausea, chest tightness, damages the lungs, agitations, breathing problems, and chills.

There are three ways in which newborn babies get sick from pesticides i.e., through the mouth, through skin contact, and by breathing them in.

What Should Parents Do Next?

Even small things are more than enough for preventing & eradicating bug bites. Some simple precautions include – checking second-hand furniture for any signs of bed bug infestation, reducing clutter in your home, be careful with shared laundry, check bed sheets & mattresses regularly, store baby clothes in vacuum-sealed bags, vacuum your floor frequently, and beware of bed bugs at the hotel or public places.

Stop Fighting Alone, Call Experts Today. If all signs point to infestations, you must immediately call experts for pest control services. The longer you wait, the more expensive and difficult it will be to control. At TOP LINE PEST CONTROL, we pride ourselves on providing safe & effective pest management solutions and diligently restore your life back on track. Our pest control services have a wide-reaching presence and are available in Coquitlam and Surrey. For more details, contact us today.