Landlord or Tenant - Who Is Responsible for Pest Control in Langley?

Bugs, rodents, or other pests in rental properties can cause conflicts between landlords and tenants as to who is financially responsible for pest control. But before we dive in further with the topic, it is important to state that these pesky pests are dangerous to human health, and your first step should be eradicating the issues regardless of who is responsible.

It may seem like a tough question, but the solution is usually found in your rental agreements. In most cases, the liability or responsibility for pest control & extermination typically falls onto the shoulder of landlords but only before the new tenant moves in. If the rental agreements clearly state tenants shall be responsible for pest control in rented property, then the cost of the services is most likely to be included in the cost of the rental. However, the tenancy agreement should state that the landlord is delivering the unit in good condition, and if the tenant causes any infestation, the tenant would be responsible. In clear-cut language, the wording used in the rental agreement dictates who is responsible for pest control in Langley or anywhere in Canada.

Landlord Responsibilities for Pest Control in Langley  

In most of the cases, the property owners or landlords are held responsible for the eradication of rats, mice, rodents, cockroaches, etc. There’s only one exception if the presence of pests was caused by the tenant’s lack of cleanliness or poor housekeeping actions. If the tenant fails to maintain proper hygiene inside the premises and is held responsible for not properly disposing of rubbish items, in that case, the landlord can argue with tenants. Otherwise, the landlord is held responsible for pest control, eradication efforts & payment if the infestation is not caused by the tenant.

Health & Safety Concern. The rental property should be fully habitable before a tenant moves in. One of the most overlooked aspect before leasing a property is pest control & hygiene condition. Hence, as a landlord, you are legally required to maintain pest-free premises. The property should be inspected and any sign of infestation should be taken into account.

Tenant Responsibility for Pest Control in Langley

Tenants are somewhat responsible too for the prevention of pest infestation in rental properties. Before signing a leasing contract, one must give a proper rundown on the property care & maintenance and foresee any signs of pests. It is also imperative to review the rental agreement thoroughly and negotiate your terms & conditions with the landlord (if deemed necessary).

The property, once rented, should be adequately cared for and maintained by the residents. A regular cleanup should be done to prevent clutter or carelessness that may cause infestations.

Any sign of pest infestations should be immediately reported to the landlord, and the necessary action must be taken to eradicate these pests.

To the verdict, both landlords and tenants should work together to fulfill responsibility for pest control. To hire a professional langley pest control companies, do stop by at