Bed Bug Treatment

Topline Pest Control Services provides the bed bug treatment in Langley, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, and Surrey BC. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects and lead a very cryptic lifestyle. As a result, bed bugs are often present for weeks or even months before a single bug. Beg bug is ever seen by the residents of an infested structure. Bite symptoms which are the most important factor in detecting an infestation and determining on a course of treatment. Bed bugs hide in daylight hours and emerge at night to feed on the person sleeping in the bed at night.

What does a bed bug look like?

Bed bugs are in different color. Adult bed bugs are brown to reddish-brown. Oval-shaped, flattened, and about 1/4 to 5/8-inch-long in size.

For more information about how beg bug look like, read article published on WebMD.

Identification of Beg Bug

Adults bed bugs are small, reddish to brownish in color, 1/4” long and are relatively flat. It looks nearly as wide as they are long and oval. Newly hatched bugs in transparent and no bigger than a pinhead (1 mm). Bed bugs are wingless and cannot fly, but they can move quickly on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed Bug have been parasites of humans for centuries and got their name from their preferred habitat which is your bed. The adult Bed Bug is light brown to reddish, has a segmented abdomen with microscopic hairs. Its appearance and grow to approximately 5 millimetres long. Although they prefer to feed on humans, they may also infest poultry.

They hide in the sofa, pillows, curtains, mattresses, and blankets, etc., they found in box springs, inside the cabinetry of furniture and the bottom and sides of drawers. 

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DIY Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs are generally active throughout the night, while you are asleep. They draw blood from your body with a sharp and extended mouth. Each feed takes from minimum three minutes to ten minutes approx. When they have completed their feed, they creep away to their hiding places overlooked. Bed bug bites are normally painless in the start but later turn into itchy shin irritants. Generally, it is hard to attribute the red bites to bed bugs and is often mistaken to be mosquito bites. You must check yourself to confirm the presence of bed bugs in the house.

Bed bugs leave a lot of tell-tale signs on the bed, cushion, mattress or the area around them. Check for black dots, which are most likely bug excrement, or eggshells that are pale yellow in color and only 1 mm in size. You may also see rusty stains or even living bugs.

Below, we have provided some easy home remedies for bed bug treatment:

1. Vinegar

Vinegar is very helpful to kill bedbugs. However, it is important to remember that though vinegar can kill bedbugs by destroying their nervous system, it cannot kill their eggs. Spread on white purified vinegar on the edges of the things that show signs of infestation and then spray vinegar freely on the bed bug. That way, they will not be able to hurry away and escape from the vinegar sprays.

2. Borax

A generous sprinkling of the borax powder on your furniture or mattress or the cracks in the walls can rid your family of the bedbug infestation. You can also add some borax powder to your washing machine so that the bed bugs are totally eradicated from your home.

3. Diatomite

This is most effective in treating bed bug infestations. If you are looking to remove the bedbugs easily and economically, Diatomite is the best for beg bug treatment. Though it takes quite a while to start working, it is known to kill about 90% of the bedbugs.

4. Baking Soda / Sodium Bicarbonate

Baking Soda / Sodium Bicarbonate is best-known home remedy for bedbugs treatment. By spraying baking soda on to the infested area you can get rid of the bed bugs. Baking soda can dehydrate the skin of bed bugs killing them immediately. But this solution would take time to give results and will be expensive also because you need lots of powder for sprinkling. Every time you sprinkle the powder you will have to clean the rooms to get rid of the dead bugs.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a solvent that is used in killing bugs by dissolving their cells. This can be used effectively to treat the infestation of bed bugs. The skin of the bedbugs dries if it meets rubbing alcohol thus causing them to die. Rubbing alcohol does not stain garments or your furniture. However, it would be good to test it in a small area before you start the bed bug treatment.

Beg bug treatment from professional

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Call professional help, if you have an infestation that you cannot control yourself. Topline pest control can help you determine the correct bed bugs treatment.  

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