Get Rid of Fleas on your Pet

Use Essential oils

Essential oils are extracted from plants through several processes which contain “essence,” the chemical properties. Including many important usages, they are also one of the best pest controllers.

Most of the essential oils are excellent remedies for Flea in pets. Citronella, Tea tree, peppermint, etc., are some highly influential essential oils. They are very effective in removing fleas from the body. Ensure to dilute the oil into proper concentration before applying it to the pest’s body as a high concentration of essential oil may harm your pet’s health.

Try apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar can help you get rid of Flea on your pets by balancing the ph level in the dog’s body. Dilute and spray the vinegar into the whole body protecting the eyes while you spray. 

Apple cider vinegar is considered one of the best cleaning agent for domestic and household purposes. Together with that, it also serves as an effective pest control agent.

It is a kind of natural bug repellent that helps you terminate your pests in dogs, cats and other domestic animals. Any kind of apple cider vinegar is equally effective for controlling fleas and ticks in animals.

Bath your dog with lemon 

By taking your pet to the lemon bath, you help them get rid of fleas and other pests. It also helps to keep them fresh and rejuvenating. Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice with the soap or shampoo. Now apply it to your dog. 

Creating a repellant with lemon juice is easy. Take a spray bottle. Add one part of lemon juice to one part of clean water. When ever your pet goes out of your house, spray it with the solution to get rid of any pest in the body.

They not only help you avoid fleas and ticks, but also kill them. Adding some aromatic oil to the mixture makes it more effective against the pest. Try this home remedy and you will see the result in action.

Use neem oil 

Neem oil is a natural pest repellant, acts as one of the best natural remedies for fleas in dogs and cats. It can be directly applied to the body or can be diluted with soap and shampoo. 

Neem oil acts as a strong pest repellent and insecticide. Organic and 100% pure neem oil works wonder. Mix few drops of neem oil with the dog shampoo and apply to remove ticks.

Apply organic soaps 

Organic soaps like peppermint and rose soap have many medicinal properties that can protect your pet from fleas and other harmful domestic pests. Hand made soaps have medicinal properties that can keep your pet soothing, clean and free from pests.

Apply few drops of essential oils like tea tree oil into the organic soaps and bath your dog. This helps you scrub flea and ticks out of their body.