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No one loves seeing wasps in their living spaces, but unfortunately, a lot of people are forced to live in such conditions. Wasps love building their nests under porches and soffits.

You really don’t want wasps to reside there, especially if you have toddlers that can get stung after running all over the place. 

If you live in Surrey, there are several common wasps that you can recognize

What are the common types of wasps in Surrey?

There are over 75,000 types of wasps globally, so it’s quite hard to narrow it down to a small region like Surrey. Most wasp species are considered dangerous because of their poisonous stings. They may infect someone or cause allergic reactions

What are these common wasp types? 

Paper wasps, yellow jackets, and bald-faced hornets, amongst others. 

How do exterminators get rid of wasps in Surrey?

The risks involved in eliminating wasps from a home are many. Safety should be of paramount importance. It’s best to depend on professional expertise and safety equipment to get rid of wasp nests without damaging property or getting stung in Surrey. 

Professional exterminators eliminate wasp nests with premium safety treatments and equipment, after sealing up all entry and exit points in your home to prevent a recurrence.

But if you choose to get rid of all wasps in your home, here are some helpful ways. 

Can I get rid of a wasp nest myself?

Yes, you can. Although it’s not advisable. 

  1. Move very slowly towards the nest. This prevents the wasp from quickly escaping for fear of danger. Any irregular movement could cause a scare. Move towards them slowly to take them unawares. 
  2. With a garbage bag, gently cover the nest. This prevents any wasp from escaping. 
  3. Now, extract the nest from the wall or tree it is fixed to and quickly seal the bag. Be very careful of this step as a wasp can suddenly jump out and sting you. If you’re allergic to wasp bites, you could be in serious pains for a while or have visible bite marks. 
  4. Drop the bag in a garbage can far away from the house, and ensure the can is properly sealed. 

Now, if the nest is in a hard-to-reach spot, like under a seat or high up a tree, don’t attempt to remove the nest by yourself. Not only are you at risk of wasp stings, but you could also injure yourself badly. 

Get a professional to do the job for you. You’d save time, money, and energy, with no risk of casualties. 

How much does it cost to remove wasps in Surrey?

So, you’re tired of seeing wasps nests all over your house and have decided to do something about them. Most importantly, you’ve decided to employ the services of a professional. Well done!

This is a good decision because a typical wasp nest can hold as many as 1000 wasps, it’s not safe to do it on your own. 

Now, how much will you likely spend?

The cost of removing wasp nests varies on different factors, from location, type of wasp nest, size, to even the kind of treatment you want. The price for removing a small wasp nest in the cool season should be less expensive than removing a large one in the heat of the summer. 

Also, hornets are the most violent and aggressive of the wasp family, so removing them requires dexterity and professionalism. It’s more expensive for obvious reasons. 

Now, note that not all wasps bother people, but it’s still advisable to remove them. 

What kills wasps instantly?

No solution can kill wasps instantly. However, you can either use a spray or homemade solution to induce death.

This homemade solution includes a tablespoon of dish soap with two to three cups of water and spraying it on the wasp nest. Then, wait for about 15 minutes or until the wasps die. 

Now, about spraying…

Does spraying for wasps work?

Wasp sprays work like magic. It damages wasps and other flying insects in the worst way possible. It contains several wasp neutralizing chemicals so that one powerful blast can knock down as many wasps as possible with ease. 

Can you get your house sprayed for wasps?

You can’t entirely spray your house for wasps as a preventive measure, because you don’t know where they’d most likely create their nests. Wasps create nests in unlikely places. However, you can only take certain preventive measures and also spray them if they ever appear. 

So, what type of spray should you consider?

There is no overall best wasp spray, so certain sprays are superior to others. Regardless of whatever product you choose to go with, ensure it contains two or more of these ingredients: cypermethrin, tetramethrin, prallethrin, phenothrin, or lambda-cyhalothrin. A combination of two or more of these ingredients will enhance effectiveness. 

Wasp infestation problem in Surrey

Wasp infestation is a common problem in Surrey. 

There is very warm weather, not just in Surrey but in most parts of the UK. Brits welcome such living conditions. However, what they don’t know is that they are also welcoming wasp infestation. 

However, with the right wasp removal service, wasp infestation will be a thing of the past in your neighbourhood. 

Wasp control near me in Surrey

When searching for the best wasp control service near you, have a budget. Do a little research to find out the range of prices for wasp removal services in Surrey. 

Next, ensure that they have a track record of excellence and professionalism. Don’t just go with the words of one service. Compare services and costs, then choose. 

How to prevent wasp infestation in Surrey

While it’s normal to remove wasps from your living space, it’s better to prevent them from making a home there in the first place. There are simple steps that can save you a lot of money and time in the future. 

What are the simple steps you can take?

  • Regular maintenance: 

This is super important. Ensure you carry out regular maintenance in your home. Seal all the cracks and entry/exit points in your home. Don’t leave debris close to your house for too long. 

  • Use fly screens: 

Place fly screens on doors and windows to prevent wasps from penetrating your home. 

  • Use wasp traps: 

Put wasp traps at strategic points in your garden. They can be ordered online or found at your local store. They aren’t expensive. 

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