Carpet Beetles

A typical pest found in homes is the Carpet Beetle. They cause harm to carpets, rugs, and other woolens if left unchecked. They damage it by eating it and laying their eggs inside it. It’s likely that if you’ve found a Carpet Beetle Infestation in your home, you’re eager to get rid of it and then ensure that you never have one again. Continue reading this article to learn about Carpet Beetles, including how to treat them and information on symptoms of an infestation.

Understanding Carpet Beetles: Their Infestation in Home

If carpet beetles are not controlled, they can turn into household pests. Larvae and young carpet beetles eat animal products like pet hair and natural fibers like wool, silk, and leather. The adult size of carpet beetles can reach 4mm. Their oval bodies are covered in a shell with black, white, and yellow or orange striped stripes.

When an item is brought inside that is already infested, such as furniture, a plant, or fur, carpet beetles can enter the house through an open door or window. They can also enter the house through open doors or windows.Some serious complications can be raised due to Carpet beetle infestation:

  • While they feed, carpet beetle larvae can harm natural fibers, leaving holes in blankets and clothing.
  • The bristly hairs can itch human skin if they are attached to clothing.
  • They typically harm the furnishings, carpets, and other interior items more than the actual property itself, such as bedding.

Signs of Carpet Beetles Infestation

It can signify that larvae have been laid somewhere if you find adult carpet beetles inside your home. Due to their attraction to light, adult carpet beetles are frequently found around windows and light fixtures. Larval signs include:

  • Holes and damage to fabric items.
  • Thin or bare spots on wool rugs.
  • Holes and damage to blankets.
  • Shed larval skins in obscure locations.

Precautions to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Following are some precautions to get rid of Carpet Beetles at your home

  • Regular Vacuum

Maintain a regular vacuuming schedule because carpet beetle larvae enjoy feeding on debris found in the carpet, such as dead skin, insects, and pet and human hair. The carpet beetles will have less to eat if you regularly vacuum. Additionally, you can vacuum up eggs and larvae.

  • Steam Cleaning

Similar to vacuuming, the professionals advise steam cleaning for hard surfaces. The remaining beetles and eggs are eliminated by heat and moisture.

  • Thoroughly Clean Infected Areas

Make sure to get rid of any debris and the larvae. Clean or launder surfaces, furniture, and soft furnishings regularly.  Secure cracks and gaps around doors and windows by caulking them. 

  • Examine plants

Whenever you water and clean off the leaves of your indoor plants and flowers, take a moment to inspect them. When you first bring them inside, this is especially important.

  • Contact Pest Control

Contact a licensed pest control company and ask for advice if you believe the issue is out of your control and you cannot find the larvae.

Summing Up!

Don’t panic! These Carpet beetles are common household pests that the above mentioned techniques can easily prevent. Carpet beetle control requires a proactive and multifaceted strategy. You can successfully get rid of these pests and guard your home and possessions against further harm by putting preventive measures into place, using natural remedies, and, if necessary, enlisting professional help. Let us save you time and effort. Visit our website and contact us today to get rid of a carpet beetle infestation.