Carpet Bettles

Carpets are great additions to our interior spaces and add a ton of character while exuding a comfortable and welcoming appeal.

However, a big downside of carpets is the pests and insects hiding in them. Besides making the carpets unclean, they can also damage your interior space, especially in an infestation.

That’s why you must get rid of them as soon as possible. Read on to learn about carpet beetles, how they are bad for the home, and how to deal with them!

What Are Carpenter Beetles?

Carpet beetles are small insects with larvae that are harmful to carpets. These larvae feed on natural fibres like silk, wool, and leather, as well as pet hair. Carpet beetles usually lay their eggs directly in the carpets, which are minuscule and oval-shaped.

These beetles are never alone. If you find one, chances are you will find more in the vicinity! Carpet beetles usually lay over 100 eggs at once, quickly leading to an infestation if not eradicated.

What Are Some Ways Carpet Beetles Affect Your Home?

Carpet beetles come in huge swarms, damaging your home over time. Since they naturally feed on fibers like silk, wool, and leather, as well as animal byproducts like hair and feathers, the damage extends beyond the carpet to the furniture and curtains.

Additionally, carpet beetle damage is more noticeable than other similar pests, as all of their damage is concentrated in one area of the carpet where they feed, leading to much larger, visible holes.

The damage isn’t limited here too, and they can go on to your closet, eating away at the fibers of your clothes!

How to Deal With Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles can be a headache, causing large-scale damage if not stopped. Most of them are eradicated to prevent an outbreak or infestation in your home or other space. Below are some ways you can use to deal with carpet beetles:

  • Eliminate the Source

Since carpet beetles are attracted to and feed on animal byproducts, removing things like pet hair, dead insects, lint, and other debris ensure their limited growth.

  • Keep Windows Closed

Carpet beetles most commonly enter houses through open windows. That’s why keeping them closed is essential to ensure they don’t enter the homes. Additionally, you should constantly check vents to avoid these beetles at any cost.

  • Use Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are extremely helpful, as carpet beetles can also enter through someone’s clothes. Using a lint roller on clothes helps you detect their presence and know their hiding spaces in and around your rooms and corners.

Sometimes, when an infestation gets out of control, pest control services remain the last option people resort to ensure that you nip the problem in the bud stage and discourage further growth.

Summing Up!

Carpet beetles are small insects that feed off animal by products and fibres and can be extremely damaging to a home, eating through things like carpets, furniture, curtains, and clothes.

It is important to take steps against them before an infestation occurs. Professional pest control services like Top Line Pest Control can safely and effectively eradicate pests.