No one likes to see cockroaches parading their home, even if it’s just one. 

There are several species of cockroaches, about 4600. Research has shown that over 30 of these species live in human habitations. If you’re staying in Vancouver, cockroaches are probably not new to you.

Even if you haven’t seen a lot of cockroach species, you should have encountered the most popular one in Vancouver, which is the German cockroach. 

The problem with German cockroaches is that they easily populate an area. One roach can produce as many as 20,000 roaches in a year. 

Some people may feel like they’re getting rid of roaches in their home by killing one or two, but don’t be too excited yet! They may be more in their initial life cycles lurking around the corner. 

So, how can you control cockroaches around any property? 

To ease yourself of the stress that comes with it, the best thing to do is to employ the services of a professional cockroach removal company. This ensures that your home or property is completely cockroach-free. 

Now, what are common cockroach characteristics, especially German cockroaches?

Common cockroach characteristics

🟢 They eat anything

German cockroaches can eat anything. This is why it’s not advisable to leave your food open. They love sugar, meat, starchy foods, and sometimes, even glue!

🟢 They produce in large quantities

Cockroaches produce and spread very fast. The female German cockroach can produce over 300 eggs in its 200-day life span. 

🟢 Food sources

Squashing cockroaches

They love staying close to places that will most likely contain food, such as kitchens and stores. You can occasionally find them in bathrooms and toilets. 

Time of activity

Cockroaches are typically nocturnal. The only time you can see signs of a cockroach infestation is during the day, such as seeing shed skin, dead roaches, and droppings on your tables and countertops. 

If you insist on controlling cockroach infestation yourself, how do you go about it?

How to control cockroach infestation in Vancouver

🟢Keep your home clean

The importance of this can’t be overemphasized. Cockroaches can never enter your home if your home is clean and sparkling. These german cockroaches often enter homes in search of shelter, food, and moisture, which is why they often hang around kitchens and bathrooms. 

You’d be shocked at how many live comfortably under stove ranges or fridge compressors. Check these places often and clean them adequately. 

🟢Clean messes and food spills quickly

Don’t wait for these messes and spills to dry partially. Clean them up as they are created. Vacuum often, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and any other place where roaches are more likely to get humidity. 

🟢Protect all food sources

Don’t invite roaches into your home by leaving your food sources open. Don’t even leave grains or particles of food here and there. Clean your kitchen cabinets carefully. If you live with pets, ensure that their food trays are properly cleaned or disposed of.

🟢Use a dehumidifier

Ensure that your home is dry at all times. Your bathrooms, sinks, and showers should be dry before you go to bed. 

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Cockroaches control in Vancouver

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