Bed bugs are a concern since they’ve become more common in recent years and are extremely difficult to get rid of. While hotels are high on the list of bed bug concerns, any public place are often a haven for bed bugs. But you can also get bed bugs infestation in your home. They typically prey on blood every 5 to 10 days, bed bugs are often quite resilient; they’re capable of surviving several months to a year without feeding. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home.

Simple Steps to stop Bed Bugs Infestation in your home

Inorder to stop Bed bugs infestaation in your home, you should folllow these steps:

  • Before buying any used Furniture, make sure that is free of any infestation and check it properly.
  • Use a protective cover because it eliminates the hiding spots for bugs to enter and manifest.
  • Use a light color cover for your mattresses or a light color cover for your mattresses and light color covers can help you detect any infestation easily before it spreads.
  • Consider getting a mattress cover that has been pretreated with pesticide.
  • Be sure to vacuum your house regularly to remove any of the bugs.
  • Remove all the clutter around your house because that is a potential hiding spot for Bed Bugs.
  • You can also preheat the items that can have a potential infestation by purchasing a portable heat chamber.
  • Be very careful when using Public or shared Laundry facilities, be sure to put your washed and dried clothes in plastic bags because bugs can travel into your home from there.

If the Bed Bug Infestation is spread in our home, make sure to call a professional Exterminator to take care of this problem.

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