rat types canada

Rat types found in Canada

”Rat is a type of animal that resembles a large mouse which belongs to phylum chordate and mammal class. Typically they have pointed snout, thin legs and distinguished from mice by their size. Rats are found in various medium-size and long tail in black and brown color. The term rat is generally and randomly used for several members of rodent (rat) families having size longer than about 12cm, or 5 inches. There are many kinds of rats like,brown rats, black rat, pack rat, fancy rat, bulldog rat, long haired rat and Polynesian rat.

In scientific notation it also has been estimated that any of 56 thin tailed and medium-size rodent species of rats are found in the continental Asia and the adjacent island of south East Asia eastward to the side of Australia and New GUINEA regions. Black and brown are two main types of rats which are commonly found in Canada. Both types are very common in commercial as well as residential area of the country.

The brown rat is also called the Norway rat and house rat,whereas black rat is also considered as ship rat or roof rat and they live everywhere, where they seem that human populations have settled. Mostly house rats lives in warmer climate regions and brown rats lives temperate and urban regions. The brown rat reached Europe in the mid-1500s and North America around 1750.

Kinds of rats  / Rat types found in Canada

  1. Brown rats:

The brown rats are also known as the common rats, Norway rats, and street rats. These rats have 30g mass and approximately up to 28cm body length. Therefore their life span is two years and weighs between 350 to 500g. Brown rats have originated in northern china, but now these rats have been spread in all continents except Antarctica. Mostly such kinds of rats are found in urban areas. Brown rats are true omnivores and consume almost everything, but the substantial part of its diet is cereals. They eat around 30g of food a day and drink 60ml.

Reproduction and life cycle of brown rats.

The brown rats reproduce throughout the year and have 7-8 young per litter and 3-6 litters in a year. The gestation period is about 3 weeks. They live in large groups either in burrows or subsurface places.

  1.  Black rats:

The black rat is also known as ship rat, roof rat, or house rat. It is the common long tailed type of the stereotypical rat. Its length is 12.75 to 18.25 cm and weighs 75 to 230g. It has pointed and large muzzle, and almost seems hairless ears, slim body and long thin tail longer than its body.  Mostly these black rats feed at night time and an average rat eats 50g of food in a day. Although rats are omnivores but they eat almost everything which humans eat also.

Occasionally black rats are found in towns and make nests under building and high places such as trees, but sometimes in burrows under plants. These roof rats eat stored food, and transmit diseases by droppings and urine.

  1. Pack rats:

Pack rat is another kind of rat that has medium-sized and mostly belong to North and Central America. Its weigh is up to 600g and having a body length nearly of up to 25cm. it has slight and short tail with long haired. Pac krat is also known as wood rat. Pack rats are nest builders and feed primarily vegetation, twigs and shoots. These pack rats usually live in seasonal homes or nearby sheds and barns and leave droppings on surface.

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