Bed bugs are indeed a nuisance to a good night’s sleep. They’re itchy, and they usually leave rashes all over your body. They could also potentially trigger an allergic reaction.

If you’ve never seen a bed bug, they closely resemble the size of an apple seed. These bloodsucking creatures have brownish-red colour. And just like other typical bugs, they also have antennas. 

The first telltale sign of bed bug infestation in your home is the constant itchiness you could experience whenever you lay in your bed or sit around the couch.

Bed bugs love fabrics as it is the perfect nesting place for them to hide and lay eggs. 

If you were already able to get rid of bed bugs at home or you’re just possibly worried about getting an infestation, there are several practices that you can do to keep them out of your home. 

Keeping your home clean all the time

No matter how simple this sounds, homeowners often forget to conduct a deep cleaning. It’s easy enough to miss the spots behind drawers or bed frames where bugs usually hide.

Constantly changing your bedsheets, vacuuming the carpet and corners of your home can drastically help in preventing bed bugs.

Make it a habit to change and wash your beddings once a week. Including your mattress when you’re cleaning is also essential.

It is where the infestation can get awfully bad if left unnoticed. Be consistent with this practice, and a good night’s sleep will be a guarantee.

Being cautious when bringing secondhand items 

Secondhand items are very appealing because they are relatively cheap compared to the brand new ones. It’s hard to tell everyone to stop buying from thrift stores, especially when it involves practicality.

Unfortunately, people tend to forget that those secondhand items are often unsanitized and abandoned by the original owners.

It doesn’t matter if your house is as clean as ever. If you patronize thrift stores, there’s a great chance that you’re bringing bed bugs right at your doorstep.

Before you bring stuff from a thrift store, whether it’s a piece of furniture or clothes, make a habit of sanitizing them outdoors.

Start by vacuuming the dust and washing the items with warm soapy water. If it’s possible to disassemble the item for deep cleaning, proceed to do so.

In that way, your house can stay free from bed bug infestation. 

Repelling bed bugs by using essential oils

Essential oils are truly magnificent. They are known to be effective with aromatherapy but did you know that they can also repel bed bugs? Pests like bed bugs are reluctant to strong smells so consider stacking up bottles of essential oils. 

You might be wondering, what specific kind of essential oil should you use? Well, you have plenty to choose from. Lavender oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and the list goes on. You can also create your own blend to suit your liking. So before you pick up a spray can that’s filled with harmful chemicals, try these methods instead first.

So how can you exactly use essential oils with repelling bed bugs? 

  • You can set up an essential oil diffuser right inside your home. The aroma will surely spread throughout the room. It can shake things up for the bed bugs and force them out of their hiding. 
  • You can also combine the essential oil of your choice with a carrier oil and rub it in places where bed bugs usually hide, like bed frames.
  • Another effective way of using essential oils as bed bug repellers is diluting them with water. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle, and voila! You’re all set. You can directly spray it on your couch, mattress, and clothes. 

Kill the bed bugs using extreme temperatures

Bed bugs can actually die from prolonged exposure to extreme heat or cold. But before you frantically change the temperature of your thermostat, you need to consider the possible scenarios first. 

They are resilient to cold temperatures so lowering the temperature of your thermostat is not as effective as you think.

The temperature needs to be below 0° F to take effect. The best way to do it is by using a freezer. The suitable items for this method are only limited to something that you could fit in the freezer, like shoes and bags. 

A more practical approach is using extreme heat. This method works great during summer, where the temperature could ridiculously climb up.

You can also bring out objects in your house that are typically infested by bed bugs, like your mattress, couch, and pillows. Let them get soaked by the sun for a while. Aside from bed bugs getting killed, the UV rays of the sun also provide disinfection to your furniture. 

Calling professional help

In some cases, you’ll need professional exterminators to do the job for you more than you would like to admit. While it may cost you some money, in most cases, it is worth every penny. 

So why should you call a professional?

  • For starters, they already have access to the proper equipment to exterminate bed bugs. Some of the methods that they use require expertise, and if used by someone who’s not educated correctly, it could lead to a disaster.  One of the good examples of this is a heater. It can heat up higher than a hundred degrees and is proven to kill bed bugs. 
  • Commercially available bed bug treatments are not created equal. Over time, bed bugs learn to adapt to repellants.  You can also mistakenly diagnose the situation in your home. Only professionals can evaluate the suitable remedy for any infestations. 
  • They aim to lessen the impact of extermination within your household.
  • They provide a long-term plan to keep the bed bugs away for good. Repellants may be able to get rid of them on a surface level, but bed bugs have plenty of places to hide from.