Looking For A Professional Bed Bug Exterminator? Here Is The Complete Guide

Do you frequently see tiny blood stains on your bedsheets and pillowcases, come across eggshell coloured skins on your mattress, or smell a pungent odour? Then most probably, you have bed bugs in your home and urgently need a bed bug extermination.

Bed bug infection is not like any other pest infection. Cockroaches and termites often infest kitchen or washroom areas or wooden objects. Still, bed bugs spread over lounge areas, bedrooms and living space, making it dangerous and harmful to human health and sanitation.

What are bed bugs, and why do they spread?

Bed bugs are wingless, small, oval insects that feed on the blood of humans and other animals for survival. Keeping certain facts in check, it can be said that these tiny creatures pose more threats than you can assume.

  • These pests cannot fly, which is why you can easily notice them slipping through floors, walls, ceilings, mattresses and wooden beds and drawers.
  • Fun fact: Bed bugs can live up to 400 days without any potential nutrition source.
  • Did you know that every time you travel, you may potentially carry bed bugs as souvenirs? Most often in your luggage, backpacks and purses.

If not kept under check, bed bug bites can leave you with several skin problems, allergic consequences and even mild psychological effects.

Why choose a professional bed bug exterminator?

Many quick DIYs are available in the market that claim bed bug removal, but do they completely eradicate the problem? Certainly not. 

And this is where professional bed bug extermination comes into the picture. General bed bug treatment methods include heat, chemicals, and physical removal. But Bed Bugs are so efficient against human attempts that it is nearly impossible to kill them all, especially to eradicate their eggs and larvae. A professional bed bug apartment exterminator ensures the complete removal of these tiny pests, guaranteeing your family members’ safety against any harmful chemicals.

Bed bug extermination cost:

The cost of bed bug extermination generally costs between $300 to $6,000 depending upon the following factors:

  • Number of rooms

It’s simple maths; the more space you choose to operate on, the more it adds to your expenses. Generally, many service providers provide discounts for full house treatments.

  • Type of treatment

The expenses vary depending upon the kind of treatment you choose for your home. Here is the list of treatments offered for bed bug extermination-

  • Heat treatment

The eggs of bed bugs generally die at a temperature range of 48 to 50°C. In this treatment, thermo-heaters are used to raise and maintain the room’s temperature to 57.2 to 62.7 °C.

  • Chemical treatment

Compounds like Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids are lethal to bed bugs and are the most commonly used insecticides used to control bed bugs.

  • Steam treatment

Although it works like heat treatment, steam treatment is faster and more effective.

  • Fumigation

This method is generally opted for in case there is an emergency. A tent covers the area under operation, and gas is circulated throughout to kill the hidden bugs, as the process suggests it is the most effective.
Hope this article helped you figure out and understand the bug situation at your place. If you are looking for bed bug exterminators near British Columbia, we at Top Line Pest Control can serve your needs. You can contact us at 16045516504.