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Rats. Chinchillas. Squirrels. Beavers. Hamsters. No one likes seeing these rodents at home. Rats are the worst culprits. 

A lot of rodents like rats are closely associated with humans. This is because they can dwell in human habitation, and the things they get from there support their existence. What are these things?

Rodents crave food, shelter, and water. If your home is dirty and disorganized, you’ve given rodents a place of abode. It’s a matter of time before they start showing up. 

If your house has been invaded by rodents, you might have a hard time because they are quite hard to control. It’s highly recommended that you employ the services of a rodent removal company to ease you off the stress. 

Why should you bother about these rodents, anyway? Here’s why

Why Rodents are Harmful?

You shouldn’t allow rodents to live in your home because

  • Property damage

Rodents can cause serious damage to your property. For instance, rats can pierce through improperly covered food sources, chew bits of food, and even destroy important certificates. 

  • Disease spread

Most rodents harbour a lot of diseases that are harmful to man. They pass it to humans when they feed on our food or leave their droppings in sensitive places. They also contaminate food storages and places where the food is prepared. 

  • Fire risk

As mentioned earlier, rodents can cause property damage. When they chew electrical wires, the chances of a massive fire outbreak are increased. 

If you insist on handling these rodents yourself, how can you control them?

How to control rodents at home

Control Rodents

Here are 5 ways to control rodents at home

  • All holes and gaps should be filled

Rodents can squeeze into small gaps and holes. Ensure that they are properly covered. Seal whatever spaces that are open, no matter how small it is. You don’t need to use expensive materials for this. Materials like hardware caulk, plaster, cement, or steel wool can work. 

Also, check for large cracks in the doors and windows and cover them appropriately. 

  • Don’t give them a place to live

You need to eliminate their habitat. Don’t invite them into your home in whatever way. Discard old cars or appliances. If you normally store lumber close to your house, store them away from the house and at least 18 inches off the ground. 

Also, store them away from your house. 

  • Don’t support their existence

How do people support rodents’ existence? 

By leaving things that rodents can eat carelessly, either in or out of your home. Ensure that your garbage can is always closed. If any tree or plant in your garden bears fruit, pick it immediately. If you live with pets, throw away any leftover food far from your food. 

  • Use traps

This is one effective way of dealing with rodents, but it kills them at a slow rate. The more traps you set, the greater your chances of dealing with them. 

  • Use a professional

Rodents are very tricky to deal with. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you don’t need to be stressed. Employ the services of a professional rodent removal service and go to bed with your two eyes closed. 

Control Rodents
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