How Do Exterminators Get Rid Of Silverfish?

Unlike its name, a silverfish is an insect with a silver or metallic body with two antennas. While these insects do not pose any threat to human beings, they can create havoc at your place and wreck your papers, clothes and other household items. 

Hence if you have any issues with silverfish at your home, it is crucial to urgently call expert exterminators for silverfish pest control to ensure that your place remains guarded against these insects. 

How do exterminators remove silverfish from your place?

Silverfish got this name due to their scaly appearance, fish-like movement and silvery-blue colour. These bugs are approximately ½ʺ-1ʺ long.

While these bugs never bite human beings or pets, they might leave you sick by contaminating your food and water. Hence it is imperative to get in touch with pest control experts to keep yourself and your place guarded against these bugs. 

Reduce Humidity

Since these silverfishes love humid areas, exterminators try getting rid of the humidity at your place, especially in basements and backyards. 

Also, experts suggest using a dehumidifier to dry up the infested part of your house. In addition, if your entire home remains humid, you can try switching on your air conditioner or employ a whole-house dehumidifier to maintain the humidity levels. 

Repair leaky taps 

Moisture in the atmosphere is one thing, but if you possess a leakage forming a humid atmosphere, you must get it repaired. 

It is why when you call exterminator for pest control; they will check and service leaky taps, faucets, tub, or drain pipes and perform the required repairs to limit moisture that can draw not only silverfish, but other bugs as well, such as roaches, rodents, and ants.

Clear out clutter

Another thing that exterminators perform to get rid of silverfish is clearing out all the clutter at your place. If you own old journals lying around, trash post piles, cases of paper, or boxes of clothes sitting around, it is time to get the clutter cleaned out. This kind of clutter can be the home of other bugs (ants, roaches, rodents, and spiders) in addition to silverfish. 

Once you clear this clutter from your place and cut their feeding supply, that fosters silverfish and other pest growth, also, if you want to keep some of your belongings, always ensure keeping them in a plastic box with an airtight seal. 

Repair the cracks and holes at your place

Silverfish usually enter your house from outside. Hence to guard your place against these pests, experts perform a thorough check and seal up the entry points from where the bugs might be entering your home. 

Also, wall cracks or small holes around your window panes or doors can be an entry for these pests. So to keep silverfish from coming in from those areas, exterminators seal these spaces using caulk or silicone. 

In addition, they replace window and door seals to keep your place more secured. In addition, to make sure that you never get a pest infection, it is crucial to inspect your home every season, as preventing pest infestations is better than killing pests once they’ve infested your dwelling.

To sum up, we can say that silverfish are a lot similar to cockroaches, in ways that they become more active at night or dark. Moreover, they disseminate in the light, so it might get challenging to detect these pests. 

Hence to get rid of these pests, it is crucial to call a professional pest exterminator in Coquitlam. If you are looking for an expert pest control agency in Coquitlam or nearby areas, Topline Pests can be your perfect partner. To know more about our services, visit