DIY Tips to Keep Pests Away from your Apartment

Have pests like mice, cockroaches, or other insects ever infested your home? These bugs have no business within your house as they are the primary carriers of several health hazards. You must immediately opt for pest-controlling methods before more problems arise rather than waiting to respond defensively after a pest has invaded your home. There are several handy methods to get rid of them, but you should feel free to call for professional pest control services if the damage is already done. 

No matter how carefully you keep your house clean or maintained, you’ll eventually have to deal with a bug infestation. While some are comparatively minor and simple to handle, others are more difficult and necessitate contacting a pest control business.

Tips To Keep Pests At Bay And When To Call For Aid

  • Shut the Doors

Install a strong steel or aluminium threshold under your door to prevent insects from crawling underneath. You can use a door sweep for even defence. Nylon brush sweeps protect against pests, so choose those over vinyl or neoprene. 

  • Understand the signs

The DIY methods often fail to treat the pest condition of your house. So, look for any signs of structural damage, interior damage, peculiar smells, and sounds indicating that you need proper pest control immediately. 

  • Fix window nets

To keep insects out, attach nets to the windows. This will enhance airflow while also preventing pests from entering your home. It is an effective way to keep mosquitoes outside and out of the house.

  • Clean your kitchen garden

Fill in holes or pits where there is a possibility of water getting collected in your kitchen garden. Regularly clean water features in your garden. Additionally, trim the plants often to prevent wild, bushy growths. 

  • Regular waste disposal

A trash buildup often results in an infestation caused by rats, mice, and cockroaches. Avoid rotten food remnants around the house since this worsens the situation. This will avoid spreading infections, especially if you have pets and young children in your home.

  • Clean up the kitchen

Cleaning kitchen worktops, racks, stovetops, and drawers can prevent pests. Regularly clean them with a disinfectant. Even though the issue of pest infestation may not be resolved, this pest control method can reduce the number of pests in your home.

  • Keep the restroom clean

The majority of pest management advice excludes bathroom pest control advice. Keep your bathrooms dry and spotless. Often clean the pot using a toilet cleaner. Use a safe bathroom cleaner to scrub the sink at least once weekly. 

  • Never let water stand

To prevent mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria, perform the following:

  1. Clean the area in your home and make sure the drains are cleansed.
  2. Do not store a container under any air conditioner that discharges water to collect it.
  3. Consider alternatives like a pipe to get the water out as soon as it arrives. 

Contact a professional pest control service

When you call for pest control, you’re hiring professionals who can deal with any pest promptly and safely. They may help you reclaim your house from unwelcome intruders by immediately identifying the pests and treating them appropriately.


To help you out, Top line Pest Control professionals are well-trained and use verified chemicals and measures to ensure your and your family’s safety. Visit our website to discuss the best pest control strategies that suit your house. Book an appointment today!