Cockroaches pest control are one of the toughest pests to get rid of and sometimes they are immune to the normal pesticides. They can be found in the places where there is food and water, so chances are they are present in your kitchen and bathroom and they can spread around your house very quickly.

Cockroaches and diseases they carry

Along with annoyance of infesting your home, they also are carriers of various intestinal diseases like Diarrhea, Cholera and typhoid fever according to World Health Organization (WHO).It can also be the cause of allergic reactions especially in kids or people with Asthma. They can crawl through your food supply and transfer bacteria which can cause these health issues and they can crawl over your body and scratch it which can transfer the bacteria and make you sick. Due to cockroach infestation, the air inside the house is filled with allergens which can trigger Asthma in Patients which can be very dangerous for their health. The allergen is present in the eggs, shedding body parts and saliva of cockroaches and since they travel throughout your house, chances are they are infecting every place in your house.

Preventive Steps to stop cockroach infestation

First steps to keep your household safe from cockroach infestation you can take are:

  • Seal all cracks in the floor and walls of your house.
  • If you have any water pipes that are leaking, get them fixed as soon as possible.
  • If there are any damp places in your house, make sure to keep them dry.
  • Clean your house regularly and the food crumbs spilled around the house.
  • Store all the food in tight containers.

If the problem still persists, Call Topline Pest Control at (604) 551-6504 to take care of the infestation and make your house disease and infestation free


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