Protecting Your Home from Bed Bugs

The most common place people pick up bed bugs and bring them to their homes is from a motel/hotel. With affordable and easy travel increasing everyday, bed bugs are beginning to become a serious problem for travelers. Being conscious when you travel is the easiest approach to prevent carrying bed bugs home with you. Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure you don’t take bed bugs home with you.

1.    Identifying bed bugs

Identifying bed bugs in your accommodation will help you identify when you have them around. Not many people can identify a bed bug, which is why many people unknowingly take them home. Bed bugs are flat, wingless, and are shaped slightly like a teardrop, with a tan, reddish-brown, or brown color.

2.   Inspect the area

Irrespective of where you decide to accommodate yourself, inspect the area for bed bugs. Spend a few minutes inspecting the surrounding for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs. Pull back the sheets, and look closely at the sides, surface, and seams of the mattress. Don’t forget to also crevice behind the headboard of the bed. Ensure the area is safe before you unwind or unpack.

3.   Protect your luggage

Don’t leave your luggage unprotected. Store your luggage on a hard surface, like a luggage rack or a dresser, where bed bugs are less likely to reach. And if you will only be staying for a night or two, avoid unpacking your clothes or spreading items around the room. Packing cubes can also come in handy in helping you stay organized and access your belongings and clothing without having to remove everything from your suitcase.

4.   Dealing with the bed bugs if you find any

Lastly, if you do find bed bugs in the room, alert the staff right away or request for a new room, either several rooms away or on a different floor. If you are on an Airbnb or a vacation rental, you may have limited options. However, a representative from Airbnb said the company has 24-hour customer services that can help you with rebooking or refund in case an issue like bed bugs arises.