Mice Control

Mice infestation is one of the most common problems that almost every homeowner faces. You might be a gracious host, but you don’t want mice to feast on your food or sleep under your roof. Not only will your house be infested with various rodent diseases, but also your health will not improve. Now, you should know how to use Mice Control Services in Surrey.

Tips you can follow to keep your house mice free

If you think your house might be infested with mice, you must immediately get into action by following the below-mentioned tips –

  • Remove all the food sources

If you want to control mice in your Surrey home effectively, you must start by removing the food sources. Store all the grains, pet food, other dry goods materials, etc safely. You can use tamper-proof containers to keep your food items safe and mice away.

  • Discard any nesting materials

You must ensure the mice won’t find any nesting materials, such as rugs, fabrics, or blankets in storage bins. You need to throw any empty cardboard box because they chew them up to create their makeshift nesting place.

  • Block the entry points

It would be one of the safest options to block the entry points of the mice. When the temperature starts dipping, they will try to enter your home through different holes, which you won’t even know until you look for them. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal small holes in your walls and foundation.

  • Employ natural mouse repellent

Mice have a strong sense of smell which you can use to your advantage. You can use natural repellents like apple cider and water mix, fabric softener sheets, hot pepper solution, etc. to control mice in Surrey.

  • Use live traps

You can use live traps to control the mice in your home. You can purchase these traps at any hardware store or home goods store. Place them where you have noticed mice activity and bait them with food like cheese, peanuts, corn, etc. However, it can be a time-consuming and tiresome process.

  • Use essential oils

The mice can’t stand these products since essential oils have a strong smell. Especially, oils with cloves and peppermint significantly affect the mice. You can soak cotton balls in oils and place them where you have seen the mice frequently. It is one of the effortless mice control techniques.

Why choose us?

Top Line Pest Control is a reliable service provider to control mice in Surrey home. You must hire us for the following reasons –

  • We provide free estimates of the service you need.
  • We have a team of qualified technicians with the knowledge and skill to get the rodents out of your house.
  • We use only genuine products to repel the mice.
  • We ensure that adequate safety methods are deployed throughout the service etc.

To sum up

If you are frustrated because of the mice at your home, you shouldn’t delay to attend it. You should contact a professional mice control service in Surrey for an efficient and effective solution like Top Line Pest Control for a complete solution.