Raccoon removal

Spring is the season for much new growth. Many plants begin to grow new leaves and colorful, bright flowers. Young animals such as lambs and chicks are also born. Springtime is also the season for a new raccoon baby. Most naturally, pregnant raccoons seek warm and safe spaces to create nests. This makes your home an attractive target for raccoons to make their nest. If you face the need to remove baby raccoons from your home. It’s important that you call professionals for efficient raccoon removal.

Raccoon Baby Season

Raccoons generally mate in late winter and give birth in the spring months. Usually, raccoon moms give birth in April and May. Sometimes raccoon babies can be born in March or June. This can happen if late winters or unusually warm alters the typical matting patterns.

Hence, once it reaches March, it’s essential to look out for any signs of raccoons attempting to break into homes. This could be under your deck, garage, attic, or shed.

How Can You Tell A Raccoon Is In Your House?

When raccoons enter your home, they can cause a lot of damage to woodwork, ceilings, walls, and more. Sometimes, fires can even occur as a result of chewed wiring. On a more serious note, raccoons can carry parasites, mites, and even rabies, which is hazardous to health. Hence, it’s important to identify and take quick steps for raccoon removal.

Signs to look out for:

  • Baby raccoons tend to cry a lot. So you can pay attention to the chirps and cries in the house.
  • Pay attention to thumping  and rustling in the walls and/or ceiling
  • Look out for visible damage like dented roof vent, damaged soffits, and bent siding.
  • Look out for adult raccoons. The mother raccoon will forage for food around the house for her young ones. 

Are Baby Raccoons Dangerous?

Although baby raccoons may look harmless, when you try to pick them up they can start to scratch and bite. They might also carry mites, parasites, rabies, and other diseases transmitted from the mother. This is why it’s best to let raccoon removal professionals handle the matter. The professionals will humanely remove them without harming the baby raccoons while keeping your safety in mind.

If raccoons in your home are left unattended for any duration, the damage they cause can be devastating. Therefore, if you notice any signs of these creatures in your home, contact raccoon removal professionals immediately.

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