Raccoon Damage: How to Recognize and Prevent It?

Soft and furry animals are not always for cuddling. When it comes to the health and safety of the family and even pets, one should be aware of mammals that can cause irreparable damage. Raccoons are one such creature.

Raccoons are omnivorous nocturnal animals. They feed on berries, nuts, insects, eggs, birds, worms etc. Thus, one should be aware of racoon removal measures. The article guides you on how to guard yourself against racoons.

How to Recognize Raccoon Damage?

Warm-season calls for several animals. Racoons are one such mammal. At a glance, racoons might seem to be cute species. But wait until they enter your home. Due to their ability to adapt to their surroundings, racoons can live in urban and suburban areas. The challenge is to recognize if racoons have already entered your property or not.

Some of the signs to confirm their arrival in your house is as follows.

  • Keep an eye on the attic

Mostly the damage is found in the attic area. Flattened insulation systems and destroyed ducts are common signs that racoons have found their home in your house. Racoons can further damage the wiring of the system resulting in fire. Contact a racoon control service provider to prevent such damages.

  • Droppings or smell of faecal matter

If you see droppings in the central area of the roof, near vents or in the attic area, then be careful. It might be the faecal of raccoons. After some time, you might even smell their discharge matter. In case you do, take immediate action for racoon removal from your house.

  • Half-eaten food

Racoons love dog food, corn, sunflower seeds, berries, nuts, etc. If you find that the food you stored is half-eaten, then there is a high possibility of racoons in your house. Call for racoon control services asap.

  • Other signs of damage

Following are some more signals of racoon damage.

  1. Torn soffit under eaves of roof shingles.
  2. Broken vents in the attic area
  3. Chewed or broken boards

How to Prevent Raccoon Damage?

Several options are available for racoons to set up their den site. But the houses made by man are an easy alternative for them to live in. Do not worry! Just follow some simple measures to keep racoons at bay. These are as follows.

  • Eliminate food sources.

The main reason racoons enter your house is the availability of food near your property. These food sources could be in the form of garbage, food for pets or bird feed. Eliminate such a food source near your house. 

  • Proper disposal of garbage

Ensure that you properly dispose of the garbage. It is advisable to dispose of trash in a trashcan and put a lid on the top. Make sure that the trashcan is heavy and is covered tightly for racoons to open.

  •  Repair your house

Make sure that you block the obvious entries for racoons to your house. Check for any holes or gaps present in your home via which racoon can enter the house. Cover the chimneys with steel caps. Put mesh screens on vents.

  • Keep your garden safe

If you have a garden, then make sure that you keep every corner of it in check. Some measures are as follows.

  1. Install a bright light in your garden to trick sun-shy racoons.
  2. Motion sprinklers are a harmless option that’ll repel racoons from entering.
  3. Pinwheels and streamers to scare racoons.

When it comes to protecting your house, never take a risk. Always opt for premium quality services to enjoy a happy and healthier environment in your home. Top Line pest control services are here to cater to all your racoon control services needs. We value your time. You can contact us on +1 (604) 551-6504 or drop us a mail at [email protected].