Roof Rats- The Root Cause Of Many Diseases

Roof rats have become a serious issue concerning people about their health and the properties that they may damage. What distinguishes them from regular rats is their very long tail and large ears. Roof rats tend to move quickly, and they climb buildings and trees just like a squirrel. Hence, there is a high probability of them causing damage to your home. 

Due to easy access, roof rats can climb the side of your home and chew through plastic, sheetrock, aluminum siding, drywall, and even soft metals. They do this to make a comfortable home for themselves in the attic. From the attic, they go through pipes and walls to get to the kitchen for food. 

Where can you find these roof rats?

Unlike rodents, roof rats do not lurk around bark basements. They spend the majority of their lives four feet above ground level. It could be higher than this too. Hence, you will find them making their home in trees and attics. Very few roof rats bc settle on the patio or in a garage. Roof rats can also use the power line to commute around the neighborhood, so keep an eye out for them!

Roof rats can cause an infestation that is easy to spot. It is unlikely that a roof rat will travel alone. The average size of their household is usually between 3 to 6 rats. 

Following are some clear signs you need to look out for to spot a root rat-induced infestation- 

  1. There will be noticeable damage to the electric wire covers.
  2. Fruits, especially the citrus ones fallen from the tree, will be hollowed out.
  3. If you have a pet at home, you will find them feeling constantly anxious.
  4. You can hear noises coming from the attics and walls.
  5. Roof rats are commonly found around the patio and in trees and bushes.
  6. There will be prominent gnawing and scratching sounds.

What are the dangers these roof rats possess?

Roof rats are very unpleasant when discovered in a home. Not only can they transmit dangerous diseases, but they also destroy property, thus resulting in unnecessary and huge expenses. By chewing on the electric cables, roof rats can also cause power shorts or fires.

As mentioned earlier, roof rats can get into the kitchen for food, ultimately leading to food poisoning. The urine of these rats is harmful and dangerous as it can cause some deadly diseases. 

Roof rats are pests that are host to bacteria, parasites, and various other viruses that bring ticks, fleas, worms and more inside a home. Due to these reasons, roof rats are highly detrimental to the health of the people and their pet(s) living in a home. It is a major hazard that can be easily avoided when acted upon quickly.
Now that you’ve made yourself acquainted with how to identify roof rats and the damage and disease they can bring into your home, your next step should be to seek the best help available. Topline Pest Control acts promptly in getting rid of roof rats. Feel free to call us or reach out to us online to get rid of these uninvited guests now!