What Are The Best Ways To Do Away With The Ground Squirrel Problem?

The furry little squirrel around your house is equitably unsettling as it is amusing to watch it make its small moves. The pleasant act of enjoying their frisk plays, scurrying around, and gulping small chunks of food can quickly become an ordeal. However cute the ground squirrels are, they are rodents at the end.

If unchecked, the ground squirrel population can cause as much disaster as a rat or mouse. Their excavating activities can damage the foundation of your house. Also, ground squirrels nibble on vegetable tops, uproot plants, and cause great damage to your beautiful garden. Hence, getting rid of ground squirrels becomes important after spotting an increased population. Here, we have brought you a simple guide to keep ground squirrels away from the house.

Setting Up a Decoy

Hawks, owls, eagles, felines, etc., are some of the natural predators of ground squirrels. The slightest sighting of them frightens the squirrel population. Hence, use this child-safe, nontoxic, and inexpensive method of setting up predator decoys with professional help.

Position these decoys where these predators would reside naturally. Remember to keep on changing their positions to prevent squirrel infestation. Squirrels are extremely smart creatures and might figure out the deception.

Planting squirrel repellent plants

The tiny squirrels have quite a gluttony and feed on almost any plant. However, certain plants such as crown imperials, narcissus, and castor beans have strong smells that repel ground squirrels. Pest control services are an effective way to get rid of squirrels while adding some greenery around the house. 

Using a castor oil solution

The use of a DIY castor oil solution is prevalent in preventing a squirrel infestation around the yard. For this, mix ¼ cup of castor oil and two tablespoons of dishwasher liquid. Add two tablespoons of this mixture into a gallon of water, use a sprayer to spray it in the yard.

Although it is very easy to make, make sure that this doesn’t cause ill effects to your existing pets.

Live bait traps to catch ground squirrels

Honestly, this is a time-consuming method of trapping squirrels. However, it doesn’t kill them yet helps prevent a squirrel infestation. These raps can be purchased at local home stores and are affordable. Bait these traps with bird seeds, pretzels or peanuts, and place wherever you have spotted squirrels.

Once inside the trap, relocate it safely, far away from your house. Be careful to wear protective gloves to avoid direct contact with the squirrel.

Considering hiring a professional squirrel control service

Although many of these methods prove very effective when followed sooner, they might not help with a bigger infestation. Squirrels breed twice a year and can have up to eight babies at a time. Hence, you might need professional assistance in getting rid of ground squirrels.
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