Top Five Tips To Effectively Prevent Mice Inside Your Beautiful Home

An unexpected sighting of the mouse in your home can be extremely worrisome unless it’s your pet. Once inside the house, this rodent can put you in dire straits and cause distress. Mouse droppings in the corners or a disarrayed kitchen are signs that you may have more than one unwanted guest.

As per reports, a mouse can be a carrier of more than 35 diseases worldwide. Hence, prevention is the best remedy instead of getting rid of mice. Here we bring five proven tips to prevent a mouse infestation in the house.   

  1. Don’t leave any small entry points

Mice seek to enter the house to escape from the cold of the fall. Hence, it’s the best time to check if there are any potential entry points. To prevent mice entry, you must check the walls and attic for openings, window joints, and door sill cracks. Seal any such cracks with cement or metal as soon as possible.  

  1. Ensure proper covering of garbage bins

Leftover food in the garbage cans can invite mice if it’s not sealed properly. Not only rodents, but this may also be a feast for other pests and strays. If you keep the garbage bin near the house, make sure that it has an air proof lid and is tightly sealed.

Otherwise, keeping the garbage items as far as possible may prevent mice entry. 

  1. Be careful with bird feeders and pet food

The delightful hobby of feeding birds might make way for a nightmare. The grains in the bird food fall beneath the bird feeder making a mouse’s meal. Also, dry and leftover pet food lying around can invite mice.

Hanging the bird feeders away and storing pet food in airtight containers are the best preventive measures against mice infestation.

  1. Peppermint oil: a natural way to get rid of mice

Mouse relies on its sense of smell for finding a food source. Peppermint oil has a menthol compound, which irritates the nasal cavity of mice. Hence, the mice always want to keep away from the strong scent of peppermint oil. It can be sprayed onto the possible entry points as it works brilliantly against mouse infestation. 

  1. Age-old remedy of adopting a cat

If you already have a pet dog in the house, you may consider bringing it into the company of a cat. Cats do a great job of preventing and catching mice and are one of the reasons why humans domesticate them. Additionally, scientific studies have shown that mice are highly averse to cat pheromones. Hence, one might also consider this age-old strategy.

Get professional help

Although these tips help you keep mice away, they might be ineffective in case of an infestation. In this case, it is pertinent to get help from a mice control surrey provider.
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