Technique to Eliminate Carpet Beetles?

Pests are commonly found, nosy and annoying creatures, which may cause havoc and affect our comfortable lives. Carpet beetles are one such kind of small-sized pests whose larva is destructive to our carpets, fabrics, and other animal-based materials.

In search of food for their larva (including hair, silk, wool, etc.), they can enter our homes. They are found in all kinds of furnishing, including carpets, cushions, curtains, etc. Though they are not particularly harmful to humans, coming in contact with them can cause rashes, irritation, and bumpy skin. They mainly thrive due to improper cleaning, stained carpets, or mishandling of furnishing. Getting rid of carpet beetles can be a challenge and may require contacting pest control services

Let us take a look at some ways in which we can eliminate carpet beetles from our homes. 

  • Finding the source of infestation

The initial step would be to look for the source of infestation so that your cleaning load can be directed there. You should pay attention to the areas with the most signs of particular damage. Look for traces of pests in the house’s dark, secluded areas like basements, under carpets, etc. 

  • Vacuuming 

Vacuuming the whole house as frequently as possible can ensure the elimination of carpet beetles. Areas such as carpets, curtains, rugs, furniture must be especially vacuumed as there can be chances of larva accumulation. 

  • Steam cleaning 

The vacuumed areas can then be steam cleaned to get rid of the infestation. Heat and moisture together are effective in the removal of remaining larva or beetles. 

  • Wiping or spraying surfaces with vinegar 

You can spray a mixture of white or apple cider vinegar and water in areas of infestation. It will thoroughly clean the areas. 

  • Sprinkling boric acid 

Infested areas can be sprinkled with boric acid, which has the properties of a mild insecticide. You can also make it into a mixture by mixing one tablespoon of boric acid with two cups of hot water. Please wait until the powder dissolves completely, then fill it in a spray bottle and use it as required.

  • Using hormone-based glue traps 

If the carpet beetle infestation is serious, you can place hormone or pheromone-based sticky traps in your home to attract the beetles. You can use these traps in entrance points like doors, windows, and crevices, which have high chances of letting the beetles in. You can also use sticky traps without the hormones to that effect. You must check the traps 1-2 times a week. 

  • Laundering 

Frequently washing linen, curtains, towels, and clothing with hot water and a mild detergent can reduce the chances of larvae growth. If the infested clothes are too damaged to use even after washing, they can be placed in a plastic bag and be disposed of. 

  • Replacing natural linen with synthetic ones 

Carpet beetles only feed on organic textile fibers, not synthetic ones. Replacing your carpets, linen, or curtains made of natural fibers with synthetic ones can deter the growth of carpet beetles

If the problem persists?

However, often these do-it-yourself methods are unable to give desirable results. Call in professional pest terminators if the beetles continue to cause nuisance even after the suggestions mentioned above. Professionals have a thorough knowledge of how to deal with these pests and get rid of them. 

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