Effective Ways to Keep Mice out of Your House

Mice will try to infiltrate the homes once the winter season is nearby, searching for food and shelter. During their habitat, not only do they damage your home, but they also carry various life-risking transmitted diseases. There are many simple techniques for keeping mice out of your home to work upon. Even if these methods will not work, there is always an open option to call pest control services.

This article will bring you practical ideas that homeowners can easily implement to stop mice from entering their homes.

Shelter: Like humans, mice also seek shelter. While giving birth, they start to nest around a particular area with cotton or soft materials. Homeowners must ensure not to store trash, food, or clothes that might attract them to take shelter inside.

Sealing the entry points: Block their path or seal all the holes in your doors, windows, and other areas of your home to make it hard for them to enter your home. 

Hide all the food sources: Mice need a consistent amount of food for sustainability. Try to store all your grains, foods, etc., in a sealed, tight steel container.

Natural mice repellant: Mice have a strong sense of smell that helps them detect food easily. Considering this fact, homeowners can make their natural repellent at home. Essential oils such as peppermint and cayenne have a strong smell; soak any essential oil into cotton balls and spread it around their potential hideouts or places such as the kitchen, cupboards, etc. Mixing apple cider vinegar with water and spray it around to work it conjunctionally with other methods to lure out the mice.

Owning a cat: Cats can deter and keep the mice out of your home. Even if you cannot own a cat, you can always seek help by fabricating kitty litter at the entrance of your home, it will keep mice on their toes, and they will be reluctant to enter.

Living traps: Living traps are the most human and non-harmful mode of getting rid of mice. You need to apply bait in the trap and wait unless it gets caught and releases it miles away from your home; otherwise, they might return.

Proper sanitation: Mice can survive more than three days, even on the tiny crumbs. Proper sanitation such as vacuuming and wiping the floors will eliminate the chances of left crumbs or other food sources for them to sustain. Ensure to take your trash out regularly, and mice cannot chew upon the food containers.

Professional exterminator:  If above mentioned simple techniques for keeping mice out of your home do not seem to work, the professional services will. They bring up different highly advanced methods of pest control services, setting up the electric traps, and ultrasonic repellents by identifying the accessible areas of mice. So, when homeowners find it challenging to get rid of the pest, calling for a professional pest exterminator is highly recommended. 

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