Ground Squirrels

Ground squirrels can be highly destructive to your home and your property. Even after dwelling with options, you cannot seem to find what is the best way to get rid of the ground squirrels? Fortunately, many professionals offer pest control services and take appropriate actions and measures regardless of how small or big your pest concerns might be to eliminate the pests permanently. 

We have curated a list of strategies that will help you get rid of the ground squirrels.

Squirrel traps: Using traps to bait the ground squirrels is the most effective way to capture them. To lure them, you can apply peanut butter or other food sources inside the squirrel trap. Once they get caught in the trap, relocate the squirrel far from your home while taking your local laws concerning capturing animals into consideration.

Decoys: This is the most commonly used technique to scare away the ground squirrels, so they do not infiltrate your property. Place those decoys near the areas of their hideouts and keep changing the positions to catch them off guard. You can start with placing at least 3-4 decoys daily to get rid of ground squirrels faster.

Poison bait stations: This method is used to kill the ground squirrels. Generally, poison bait packaging is tightly sealed with soft materials only for ground squirrels to chew on them. However, for precautionary measures, place the poison bait far from the reach of children.

Ultrasonic sound repellents: Ultrasonic sound cannot be heard by human beings but is an entirely different story for animals. Ultrasonic sound repellents irritate ground squirrels and other pests that prevent them from entering your property. These repellents that radiate high frequency can also irritate your pets at home. Consider this method after proper consultation, either from a professional or any reliable source.

DIY trap: This method has been popular and effective since ancient times. To repel the ground squirrels, start with preparing a mixture of water and cayenne pepper and spray it at the base of your plants or near their hideouts to discourage them from opting for the route of your home. You need to respray it for better results as its effectiveness can fade away with time.

Planting vegetation: You can plant vegetation known to work as a natural repellent for ground squirrels. Homeowners can consider fresh mint as one of the best options as not only it will repel ground squirrels but other pests, too.

Calling for professional pest control services: Still struggling with finding the suitable answer to what is the best way to get rid of the ground squirrels? If nothing works, consider taking professional help that provides reliable services and emerging with different methods to pest control coveting your property. Not only this, they even have to be aware of local laws and regulations for trapping ground squirrels or other animals.

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