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Rat control DIY

You may love Mickey Mouse, but you should love his real-life friends that live with you at home. No one loves having their private spaces invaded by pests who pose harmful threats to their quality of living. 

Rats and mice carry different bacterial infections, so the earlier you get rid of them, the better for you and your family. 

Now, when your home has been invaded with rats and mice, it can be quite complicated to remove them. It’s often advised to hire a professional rodent removal service to do the job for you.

But what if you want to go through the natural means?

You will find out five major ways to control rats and mice in your home in this article, but before that, how do you know that there is a rat or mice infestation? What are the signs?

Let’s find out

Signs of Rat or Mice infestation

Note that rats or mice always search for dry harbourages and new food sources, especially during the winter. You can hardly spot them in the daytime because they’re mostly nocturnal animals. 

  • Damage

This is often the most obvious sign of a rat or mice infestation. These rodents can chew through electrical cables, and this is dangerous because it can lead to a fire outbreak that can damage other properties. 

Also, if you notice shredded bits of paper, gnaw marks or storage container damage, then it’s mostly like an effect of rat or mice infestation. 

  • Droppings

Rats excrete several droppings per day and can be as long as 14mm. They are often found at entry or exit points. This is why it’s super important to close your food storage containers properly to avoid bacterial infestation. 

  • Smears

Rats and mice have poor eyesight, so they tend to use the same routes to and fro their entry points. On those routes and against walls and platforms, you can notice tiny grease stains. It’s super common amongst rats. 

  • Sound

Rats and mice are very noisy animals. Whenever there is an infestation, they tend to make a lot of noise and disrupt the peace of a place. 

  • Footprints

Rats and mice can leave footprints in dusty parts of your premises. They are very faint most times, so you may not see them normally. If you want to see them clearly, shine your torch or light source at a low angle. 

The easiest way to know if an infestation is active or fresh, sprinkle some talcum powder on the floor and check for the marks the following day. 

Now that you know how to identify rat and mice infestation, how can you control them without hiring a pest controller?

How to control rat and mice without hiring a pest controller

  • Seal all entry and exit points

Rats and mice can’t magically appear in your home. They have to pass through space.

Ensure that all exterior holes and gaps are sealed with cement, wire wool, metal kick plates, caulk, etc. Also, look out for cracks on walls. 

The goal is to prevent further rodents from invading your home and to prevent the ones inside from leaving so that they can be killed. 

These rodents can also enter your home through damaged drains, so ensure that your drains are well maintained and observed regularly.

Don’t assume things. Once you notice any irregularity in your drainage system, call a plumber immediately. 

  • Clean and declutter

Rats and mice love untidy areas of a house. It shields them from prying eyes and provides a warm and stable environment for them to thrive. Your job is to make that area uncomfortable for them. 

Ensure that your clutter is minimized. Furthermore, create good space between your objects and the walls to ensure that nothing is residing behind.

When there is less clutter, rats and mice can’t hide comfortably. 

Don’t store trash for too long in your house.

Take out your trash at least once every week to avoid build-up, especially when you have toddlers at home. Your waste should be in sealed/closed bins.

Also, clean and drain your pipes consistently. 

  • Don’t leave food out in the open

A lot of people are unconsciously guilty of this. If you’re one of them, you have to change. When your food is open, it sends a signal to the rats and mice that your house is suitable for their residence. 

Ensure that your dry foods are stored in air-tight containers and kept properly. Don’t leave them in bags that are easily penetrable. Also, food should not be left on counters. 

Food remainders should either be stored in the refrigerators or disposed of. None should be left out as it could attract rodents. Spillages should be cleaned. 

  • Your bins should be closed all the time

This is one simple tiny hack that a lot of people don’t adhere to. Don’t leave your bins open for whatever reason. Cover it properly so that rats or mice can’t access it. 

Also, keep your bins in shaded areas and out of sunlight, so that it doesn’t decompose at a fast rate and attract all forms of pests and rodents. They are usually drawn to the smell that comes from decomposed food substances. 

Clean your bin regularly as well and keep it far away from your house. 

  • Your garden should be neat and tidy

The importance of this can’t be overemphasized. 

Several people clean inside their homes but leave their surroundings very untidy. Rodents live in the wild.

They are attracted to your surroundings based on the condition of the environment and what they can perceive. When they get closer, they start searching for entry points into your home. 

Don’t give them that opportunity. 

Ensure that your garden is tidy. Cut overgrown lawns. Keep the bin far away from your house and ensure that it’s emptied regularly. Don’t dispose of things right out of your house. Keep all garden tools in safe storage spaces. Seal all entry points. Make sure your plants are well spaced so that you can see through. 

You can do all these without hiring a pest controller.