When temperatures rise, so do the unwanted pests. As these gross creatures can mess up your beautiful household! Because they emerge from hidden places and holes, as now they are no longer feeling cosy in their dark nests.

In addition, as the temperature gets warm, pests emerge and search for food. Since it is the usual season for pest and pest populations to grow. Thus, handling them as quickly as possible ensures proper pest extermination.

No Canadian homeowner would want to welcome such invaders crawling in their kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or any place in your house.

Because you all know that these pests are notorious for causing discomfort while damaging the value of your belongings, some of these parasites find perfect heaven in the floor drain. 

While others remain in the storage cardboards, boxes, and so on, so forth! They can annoy and set your mood off, as it might feel that you are sharing your house with parasites. Cringe!     

Therefore, pest-free living is a universal desire amongst householders. The fact is, many types of insects, bugs, and pests infest Canadian houses regularly, so they can be a challenge to tackle.

Do you want to prevent these pests from damaging your house and health?

Hence, it’s essential to understand a few of the more common pests you could see during the summer. So, you can take some simple precautions to prevent a variety of pests from your property. 

This blog will highlight some of the most common household pests that emerge in the summer in Canadian households.

After reading this blog, you will know more about the common pest types in Canada and can easily take the measures to prevent them. 

Summer pests appear with a force as the weather gets warmer in Canada. Therefore, you need to keep a close eye out for ant trails, driveways, windows, fences, and other objects around the home.

Before I tell you the easy measure to deal with pests, check out the following list, including the most notorious summer pests.

House flies: (That grows in the summer)

Sweet drinks and food items attract flies. Hence, if you drop a drink or food, be sure to clean it up as quickly as possible to prevent flies!

There are three major measures you can take to prevent flies from infecting your house. First, your house gets the required ventilation and sunlight. Second, close the unwanted doors and the windows. Third,  check your garbage efficiently while ensuring proper food storage and regular house cleaning! 

However, if these measures don’t seem to work out, use the spray to kill the flier or call the experts who specialize in this problem. 


These creatures are active, and they grow faster than we can take any measure. However, these are some of the most useful tricks to prevent spiders from webbing around your house!

As spiders can get into your home through gaps and crevices. Hence, seal them up. Besides, you can apply caulking to the outside of cables, connections, taps, and electrical equipment.

Further, sealing gaps around windows or replacing and repairing broken window frames can also be helpful. 

Mosquitoes: (As temperature rises, mosquitos thrive)

We all know that malaria is a big global health hazard. And mosquitoes are blood-sucking thirty tiny monsters that cause it. 

They thrive in the garbage and in polluted water. So, the best way to keep mosquitoes away from home would be to get clear of any stagnant sources of water.

Because mosquitoes eggs can only hatch in still-moving pools of water. So, you can try using mosquito killer sprays.  However, if you still can’t get rid of chronic mosquito infestations and activities. Please reach out to the experts, who provide real-time help! 

Ants: (That emerges in the warm temperatures)

Suppose you want to prevent ants from your house this summer. Then, seal your food items and store them properly. Besides proper food storage, you must also start cleaning up any remains and crumbs following mealtime and throw out the garbage regularly.

Furthermore, you can use ant-killing sprays or powders. However, if the situation seems out of control, you must reach out to pest control experts!

Wasps & Bees: 

Wasps and bees are some of the most common pests in the summer, especially in Canadian households. Therefore, the essential thing is to ensure no food leftovers or garbage on the flooring to feed the growing colony.

Besides, if you have any allergies or are uncertain of your response to a string, you must seek the help of reputable local pest control services for Wasp Removal.


Although earwigs do not pose a major health threat, still they are gross and annoying.

And they can destroy many people’s hygiene. 

There are two major ways to deal with them. First, check that gutters and downspouts are clear and draining away from the house properly. In addition, seal all cracks and cracks around your main house base.

Check for cracks, gaps, or rips in the screen on windows and doors and attic and basement vent.


Like all other pests, sowbugs are also annoying. They may not make you sick, but many people are still allergic to them.  These creatures thrive in moist conditions.

Therefore, they attract toward yards, leaves and plants in your gardens. Since many regions of a typical house are excessively dry. Hence, bugs usually perish once they enter.

So, please prevent excessive or unnecessary moisture in your household. Besides, ensure you close your doors and windows in summer, especially if your house has a garden. Thus, they cannot usually enter homes through floor windows and doors.