Having a rat, mice, or rodent problem in your home or business can be annoying and potentially dangerous. Rats cause a lot of damage. As rodents grow teeth throughout their lives, they must gnaw on hard objects such as lead, plastic pipes, insulation, and electrical wiring. These habits increase the risk of short circuits and fires. They also spread dangerous diseases such as salmonella, leptospirosis (Weil’s disease), tuberculosis, and even tapeworm.

Such problems must be solved, as quickly as possible to control rodents and minimize damage and disruption. Rat control in Surrey offers specialist rat control measures that can detect infestations in your working place, and drainage system.

Consequences Of Rat On Your Home And Business

Mice and rats can be found in false ceiling spaces, storage areas, shelving, and pantries. They can cause physical damage to your property by eating away at building hardware. They sometimes bite wires, cables, and computer parts, creating a fire hazard due to short circuits. They also spread rodent-borne diseases such as typhus and hantavirus infections. Mice and rats are most commonly found in offices and workplaces.

How to Get Rid Of Rat? Their Respective Methods

A successful rat control starts with research. The purpose of Rat Control in Surrey is generally to collect the information necessary to implement appropriate control measures in a given situation. The following methods are usually used during rat control measures:

  • Visual Inspection

Since rodents are generally active at night, you can only look for signs of a rodent infestation during the day to track rodent activity. Personnel carrying out inspections must have the necessary knowledge and skills to detect signs of rodent infestation.

  • Trapping

This is a simple way to assess a rat or rodent problem. However, since rodents are newborn animals, it may take several days to catch them. It is easier to get rid of rats than to catch them. Quail smears are frequently used in rats when a taxonomic or pathological examination of the rat is required.

  • Bait Consumption 

Rodent activity can be detected when the rodent consumes a piece of bait (usually placed on the ground or around a suspected rat hole).

  • Test Hole

For a Rat Control in Surrey, covering a suspected rat burrow with loose material and checking to see if it reopens after 1 to 3 days can indicate the presence of rodent activity.

  • Powder Tracking

The inert powder may be applied under walls or on areas with suspected rodent activities to record any footprint of rodents. The sensitivity of this method is greatly affected by weather such as wind, rain, humidity, and temperature.

Top Line Pest Control For Professional Rat Control Services

If you think you have rats, it’s important to act quickly to control infestation levels and reduce the health risks posed by these rodents. Top Line Pest Control can provide you with the most effective services for rat control in Surrey. We can also advise you on how to get rid of rats in the first place and prevent a rat infestation in your home or business. For effective solutions to get rid of rats fast, call us today at 604 551 6504, or visit our website.