Pest Control

It has become common for homeowners to suffer due to incessant attacks by pests. People become restless and frustrated to keep defending against these attacks. If your house is located anywhere near British Columbia, it would be prudent to call Port Coquitlam’s best pest control service at least once a year.

Types of pests that can disrupt your home

You will never know when to contact a professional Pest Control Service in Port Coquitlam. However, knowing all the common pests to protect your house is wise.

  • Bed bugs

Bed bugs will always top the list of the most common pests found in households. They remain hidden in the mattresses, sofas, cushions etc., only to get out at night and feed on your blood. Even though they are harmless, their consistent attack may cause irritation, sleeplessness, anxiety and even depression.

  • Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are the most dangerous type among the categories of ants for your home. They thrive in attics, window and door frames, and damp wooden materials. The furniture might be at risk if your house is infested with carpenter ants.

  • Termites

Homeowners always fear the presence of termites in their houses. Known as silent destroyers, they will eat through anything made of wood – your furniture, the wooden frame, beams etc. Since you can’t see them initially, watching for the signs of termites is essential. Otherwise, you will lose your precious wooden materials before you know it.

  • Cockroaches

The cockroach is one such pest that can contaminate the surface of your house and spread diseases. They are drawn to food sources and can eat practically anything gum, leather, fabric, toothpaste etc. They are nocturnal creatures that set out to work when you are asleep. It will be wise to call for a pest control service in Port Coquitlam if you notice cockroach infestation.

  • Mice

The problem of mice is significantly common in Canada, and homeowners dread them because they can cause havoc on short notice. Since they can adapt themselves to any environment, it becomes a challenging task for you to remove them from your house. Hiding in small places and only coming out at night, these creatures can pose grave problems to your health. They can even cause potential damage to the structure of your house.

  • Raccoons

Scavengers by nature, the racoons can become a problem if they attempt to live in your home. They are the carriers of the rabies virus that can be transmitted to humans. They can become aggressive and may attack you if they are startled. If you want to live peacefully, you don’t need racoons around. You can even call pest control support in Port Coquitlam for an immediate solution.

  • Wasps

Wasps are social creatures that exist in colonies. You must watch out your window frames, doors and fences because some wasps like building their nests to the various immediate food sources. Some of the most common wasps found in Canada are yellow jackets, mud daubers, paper wasps, hornets etc.

To sum up

The problem of pests is common nowadays and is increasing day by day. Therefore, contacting a professional pest control service in Port Coquitlam, such as Top Line Pest Control, would be wise. They are a group of reliable pest control technicians. With them, you have no reason to worry about pest infestation in your home.