What are the most common flies homeowners must keep out from their houses? Without any doubt, summer house flies. You all already know that indoor flies wreak havoc in most households and workplaces. Although most house flies that infest your houses have a short lifespan, their reproductivity rate is high.

Therefore, to manage a fly in your residence, it is crucial to determine the fly type properly. Flies are the most notorious of giant insects. In comparison to four-winged insects, flies only have a pair of two. This difference specifies them apart from nearly all other lepidopterans. 

Are house flies dangerous?

Housefly infections are commonly just a menace in many instances. Houseflies, on the other hand, can bring pathogens that scatter when they bite. House flies may carry the very following diseases:

  • food poisoning
  • cholera
  • E. coli
  • typhoid fever
  • dysentery
  • tuberculosis
  • eye infections
  • a tropical infection called yaws


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What are the common types of flies that infest homes, and how to keep them out?

One of the most notorious houseflies around the world is Musca domestica. This common housefly has been coexisting with humans all over the globe since time immemorial.  

As you know, the pests feed on human waste and foodstuffs, in which they can pick up and transfer multiple disease agents. However, did you also know? Aside from the housefly, several other fly species have evolved to live in human communities due to pollution! 

Ironically, these insects pose serious health problems to society in general and some individuals with weaker immunity in particular. Moreover, Musca Sorbens fly species are of specific importance in this respect in hotter areas. Additionally, blowflies (Calliphoridae) and other flies have been connected to enterococcus spreading disease. World Health Organization

It is not realistic to keep something out while not even identifying the actual type of their species. First, you as a homeowner need to ensure what kind of a fly pest you are being annoyed by then only can you counter them. That said, I will not classify their origin or genetic history. Instead, I will list some tried and trusted methods to eradicate them to make your house clean, hygienic, and presentable. 

Most standard house flies all over the world:

  • Cluster Flies
  • Blow Flies
  • Blow Flies
  • Drain Fly
  • Fruit Fly
  • Lesser House Fly

Prevention is better than cure!

There is no need for an evolutionary biologist on flies for a homeowner whose major headache keeps them out. So, let’s discuss some practical solutions based on guidelines by WHO. Do you know? Many independent experts and many scientific research papers that I studied to write a blog to set a benchmark for others

“. The Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus said, “Prevention is better than cure. The way to keep flies away is to limit their access to food and water – especially in your kitchen, “As according to Natalie Bungay, Technical Officer at the British Pest Control Association.

Destroy breeding sites

The large percentage of flies that gain entry into your household during the summer has a minimal lifespan. House flies, for instance, have such a lifespan of less than a month. A specific life span maybe even quicker during the summer. Sadly, this implies that flies regenerate and grow fast as well.

Additionally, flies could indeed create from egg to larvae to older in just a few days. Frequently, that growth occurs wholly within the boundaries of your own home! House and fruit flies “plant” their eggs from within soluble food. Whenever the eggs hatch, the larvae feed on this food until they reach adulthood. So, which places do you need to ensure are clean or at least in order? 

  • The Dung
  • Garbage and food processing waste sites
  • Manure made from organic materials
  • Sewage sites
  • Plant material that has accumulated
  • Gardens nearby residence 

Moisture management

You must always check indoor moisture and humidity levels because many flies must hydrate to survive and reproduce. And using perfect humidification in your house will keep them out. Besides, flies, mosquitoes, and many other pests need moist surface areas for everything they do. Primarily, summer flies that lay eggs on wet floors.

Aside from that, house flies can only “eat” fluids of soluble foods, so they, too, require moisture to eat. Hence, humidity allows flying pests to continue being active for extended periods and reproduce more frequently. Last but not least, you need to manage water in and around your house in the summer because it creates a condition that attracts many flies. 

Restriction of food access

Limitation of food access indoors is one of the best methods that millions of people have tried and succeeded in keeping flies out, especially in the summer. Since, house flies, blowflies, and fruit flies are the three most prevalent flies that enter residences.

What you need to do is to restrict their access to food. All three of these flies love decaying and fermenting food. So, please, manage your food widely. In addition, these very flies gather when they find sweet, sticky materials such as soda, sugar, or syrup, so please do not drop any sweat food and beverages on the floor. 

Clear the Area Outside

What does it mean? It is nothing but a simple effort to keep things in order. How so? Ensure you get rid of unuseful stuff that might already have infested with pests and has also created a haven for others to gather. In addition, the same things that attract flies inside your home also attract them outside. If it outside your residence attracts flies, you will notice the increase in their figures inside.

Plant flowers or herbs

There are two primary benefits of planting flowers around your house. First, you are helping the environment. Second, you are preventing dangerous pests. Why? Simply because most problems, including flies, cannot handle the smell of certain flowers and herbs. Hence, you can plant herbs and flowers in your garden and outside to keep flies out.  Some of the best fly-repelling herbs and flowers include: “basil, marigold, lavender, bay leaves, and catnip.”

Neem tree spray or oils  

Who does not know the benefits of neam tree? Fortunately, it is safe for all. You can also use it to prevent flies in the summer because this spray resists flies from gathering. In addition, neem oil or spray as you like is beneficial to avoid a wide range of dirty and infectious pests. Wow! A win-win situation!


There are two reasons why flies are dangerous to humans. First, flies can are annoying creatures. Second, they are very dangerous to many people since they can cause infection. In addition, they can also infest food. However, if you asked me why I hate flies the most! My answer would be that they set my mood off. Imagine your guests leaving your house with the thought of how unhygienic your houses looked?

Indeed! Very shameful to me. However, every individual has a different view about how to deal with the flies. Therefore, you can apply any method that fits your situation to deal with the flies. Nonetheless, suppose none of these methods seems to work. In that case, you may need expert help, and you can find them easily either online or in your city pest control agency.