5 Unusual Bed Bug Hiding Places

Bed bugs are not the ideal creatures or guests you’d like inside your home. They are nothing like your adorable pets! They bite and try to suck your blood at night as you sleep. It is quite an irritating experience and becomes even horrible for those afraid of bugs (Entomophobia).

You can check your home for any bed bug infestation. Have a look below at 5 unusual bed bug hiding places to see more signs of infestation:

In your bedroom

Make sure that your room gets cleaned frequently and you are maintaining hygiene. You may not notice them during the day, but they leave stains from their nightly activities. There might be some stains on the floor or furniture. You might find its shells lying under the bed or around it.


Sometimes these infestations happen in our items of daily use. Check your purses, bags or wallets. It becomes easy for pests to hide because of the dark areas and liners in it. They love hiding in such places and make it their breeding ground. 

Cupboards/Door Hinges

Bed Bugs could easily hide in your cupboards where you keep your clothes and accessories, which have lots of space. Door hinges are not cleaned often and could become a hot spot for bed bugs.

Lighting Equipment/ Electrical Outlets

It may come across as a surprise, but it is one of the best spots for bed bug apartment to hang out! Many of this equipment is placed highly and thus unreachable. They are occasionally cleaned, and thus many times, bed bugs escape the disinfectants used daily at other areas of the home. Bed bugs could also fit inside the electrical outlets and stay for long without trouble.

Clothing and Laundry

Bed bugs find it comfortable to hide in clothes and laundry baskets. Most of the time, we store clothing items in the bedroom. Therefore, it is the place that is often checked first to make sure they’re not hiding in your wardrobe. 

Some other items may include your couch, chair and any other furniture items, especially wooden ones. Bed bugs may hide, nest or bite you as you spend more time using them.

It could also include your doormat, carpets, file, books, clocks or unused electronic items.

Certain things you can do in case of possible infestation and as prevention:

  • Wash all the clothes and sheets of your bedroom in hot water. Put any other clothing, blankets, pillow covers you have in the house for a proper wash. As long as the materials can withstand the heat, it effectively kills bed bugs. 
  • Place mothballs around the house. Place them in the cupboard, dressers, under the bed and other furniture.
  • Check the electrical sockets, inspect space when changing a light bulb. 
  • Vacuum the house thoroughly or use a steam cleaner.

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