How To Get Rid Of Carpenter Ants Quickly To Prevent Damage

The worst bug issue you might have is probably wood damage. Carpenter ants and termites, two destructive insects, are every homeowner’s greatest nightmare. Carpenter ants are tiny, mostly black ants that prefer to build their nests in wet woodlands. They may quickly infest homes’ wooden structures, much like termites, which drives every homeowner insane.

Carpenter ants hollow out pieces of wood to build their nests, as opposed to termites, which consume wood. These small insects can seriously harm that particular wood if not treated. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to eradicate carpenter ants from your property. This blog will look at ways to eliminate carpenter ants to prevent damage. 

Ways to get rid of carpenter ants

  • Remove or replace the wet, decaying wood

To get rid of carpenter ants, remove and replace any weak, deteriorating wood where the ants are tunnelling. Carpenter ants do not attack solid wood with good structural integrity. This will require exposing the framing and performing the appropriate carpentry work to replace the damaged wood if the colony is in your walls. Be cautious that carpenter ants will likely reappear as soon as new moisture damage starts unless you also address the moisture sources causing the damage.

  • Eliminate nests

Destroying their nests, indoors or outdoors, is the best way to get rid of carpenter ants. Tree holes are a typical location for outdoor nesting. The diseased wood can be removed if a carpenter ant nest is found, but extended nesting areas are frequently neglected and may require professional assistance to avoid further damage.

  • Set the ant bait

Using bait is the most often used ant-control technique. Ant baits function by mixing a delicious material with an ant-toxic agent, such as borax. Worker ants bring the food laced with borax back to the hidden colony inside the decayed wood, where more ants eat it. This can kill an entire colony over several weeks.

  • Cinnamon

Carpenter ants can be repelled using cinnamon. These insects won’t enter your home since they don’t like the smell. This treatment won’t kill them, but it will stop ants from building their nests in your walls, windows, or doors. Cinnamon is most easily used by sprinkling it on them and at any access points. The scent of cinnamon will sabotage their travels and prevent them from entering your home. You can use cinnamon as powder, sticks, or oil.

  • Spray insecticide

Use an insecticide spray to eliminate scavenging ants that try to get inside your house. You can treat the perimeter with non-repellent pesticides to prevent them. Some sprays instantly kill these insects. Additionally, some products gradually coat their bodies to kill them, giving the poisonous chemicals time to go to their nest and kill the entire community.   

Call for professional help now!

If you’ve tried various treatments for your infestation, but it continues, or if you can’t find the nest, it might be time to call in a professional exterminator. Top Line Pest Control provides you with quality and reliable pest control services in no time. No matter how bad your insect problems are, Top Line Pest Control is prepared to handle any damage caused by pests in an acceptable manner. So, contact us today for professional pest control services now.