Species of ants like Tetramorium invade areas in large numbers when they sense food. They will eat anything, including both living and dead insects as well as human food. However, the actual source of attraction for pavement ants is meat and grease. Once they sense food, they accumulate in vast numbers quickly. It is imperative that you take the required procedures to get rid of pavement ants because, if they are not controlled, they can do major damage to the foundation of your property.

This article describes how to get rid of pavement ants organically so that you may reclaim your house and yard from these pests.

Ways to Get Rid of Pavement Ants?

  1. Make Use of Ant Baits

Whether the clump of ants clutters the perimeters of your home or beelines inside, baiting ants is the best strategy to take care of ants on your own. This is done to track the location of the queen. Once you place a food particle near the trail of pavement ants, the other ants will take it to the queen. You can follow the ants to spot the location of the queen.

Adding a dangerous chemical to the bait will also get rid of the queen ant and any chance of a new queen emerging. To improvise a homemade ant bait, you can mix honey or syrup with household borax. For commercial bait, you can purchase one that contains methoprene and pyriproxyfen. However, ensure they are low in toxic components like neonicotinoids, fipronil, and fenoxycarb, among others.

  1. Spray Insecticide on the Affected Area

In the case that the trail of insects leads you to an underground nest, you may have to consider an insecticide spray. Obliterate the population of pavement ants by spraying an approved insecticide. Locate the area where the queen is and spray it there for a safer measure. An insecticide is effective as it can take down an entire colony of pavement ants in one go.

How to Prevent their Recolonization?

  1. Cleanliness is key

Ants are prone to leave your space if there is no sign of food anywhere. Where pavement ants are concerned, you can ensure that there are no food scraps like meat and grease on the floor. This means that there will be nothing to lure them inside. From your countertops to garbage collection regions, ensure that it is clean. Maintain regular cleaning to prevent pavement ants from entering.

  1. Build an Anti – Ants Barrier

First, the boundaries of your home with a perimeter that restricts the invasion of pavement ants. It helps to keep the ants out. Doing so will enable you to create a shield between your living space and outdoors while incorporating the measures discussed in the earlier section.

  1. Seal Entry Points

You can seal any cracks, gaps, and crevices surrounding the house. This not only blocks entrance points but also closes spaces where garbage can collect. Pay close attention to any openings near air conditioning outlets and water heaters. This will, together, prevent pavement ants from coming inside.

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