Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles infest your home via open windows and cracks in the door frame. These creatures are about an inch long, shrouded in hair, and come in black or brown color. Although harmless, carpet beetles are undoubtedly destructive. Their larvae incur more damage than the fully-grown carpet beetles cause. Larvae of carpet beetles demolish carpets, clothes, and curtains.

Mentioned below are signs you should keep an eye out for and some home remedies you can try before taking it to Carpet Beetles Removal professionals by Top Line Pest Control.

Signs of Carpet Beetles

There are many signs that point to carpet beetles. Here are some of them:

  • Damaged Possessions

Check for holes and shredded areas in your blankets and fabric if you’re in a messy space. Take a look at your carpet and curtains too. There may be carpet beetles around if there are uneven areas or gaps in the fabric.

  • Presence of Larvae

If you spot carpet beetles around your sofa or skittering across the floor, there is a high probability of larvae in the house. Like moths, carpet beetles gravitate towards bright areas, so you should take a second look at your light outlets and windows. This is an extreme sign of carpet beetles that needs to be addressed by carpet beetle removal professionals.

Home Remedies

  1. Vacuum obsessively

Befriend your vacuum cleaner for the next few days. Scroll over the areas where most carpet beetles are found and do it multiple times more frequently for effective results. Ensure you give your carpet a thorough round of vacuuming to remove stubborn larvae. Go over your window sills and doors for precaution. Steam clean it if possible.

  • Spray Insecticides

Insecticides can help you address the problem at its core by tackling the larvae first-hand. An insecticide that has cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, and bifenthrin content is recommended. Spray in controlled amounts over the carpet to test whether it stains and continue if it’s clear. Call carpet beetle removal professionals instantly if this fails to resolve the issue.

  • Use Boric Acid

Boric acid is fatal for carpet beetles. Examine the trail of carpet beetles and drizzle boric acid accordingly. Let the acid sit for some hours before vacuuming the area. Ensure no kids and pets come in contact with it.

  • Incorporate Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is an effective insecticide. Use it as a cleaning agent on your shelves, windowsills, cabinets, counters, drawers, and cupboards. This will prevent the carpet beetles from multiplying. An alternative to rubbing alcohol is bleach and three-fourths water, which should also get the job done well. Request assistance from carpet beetle removal professionals if this method doesn’t deliver positive results.

  • Non-Residual Foggers

Flying insect foggers are extremely efficient at terminating mature bugs. While they don’t affect the eggs, they kill the carpet beetles without fail. It should be a non-residual fogger to avoid stains. More importantly, keep children and pets away when you spray it.

Why Choose Us?

At Top Line Pest Control, our expertise lies in every infestation that can intrude on your home. Carpet beetle removal is a common yet risk-infused issue. While there are several things you can try to get rid of, they are only sometimes effective. Let us save you time and effort by taking matters into our supervised care. Contact us today to be free of carpet beetle infestation.